Could Apple Car use iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR?

Apple Car

While negotiations with Hyundai are no longer the concerns of Apple, that the search for a new manufacturer with which to ally for the construction of the famous “Apple Car” is complex, Apple has not said its last word. , far from there.

The Cupertino company would indeed be in discussion with several of its current suppliers of LiDAR, one of the technologies that may have colossal importance in the construction of this autonomous car for the Apple. According to Bloomberg, the latter is still hesitating on the best way to proceed with this car. Would it be better to produce the car with the firm’s current suppliers, the latter already working for it on several products (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.) or would it not be better not to ally with a historic car manufacturer in order to take advantage of its knowledge of the market, its ability to produce cars in very large numbers and also rely on its name, which could be a sign of reliability for the Apple car.

If this last hypothesis seemed to be favored by Apple for a long time, the brand being ready to sign an agreement with Kia, a subsidiary of Hyundai. But the leaders of the Asian manufacturer finally retracted, a little at the last minute, fearing that their company would lose its sovereignty and become a subcontractor of Apple. “Like Foxconn”, had declared one of the main leaders of the group to Reuters.

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An Apple, Because with the means at hand?

The idea for the Cupertino company now seems to develop its autumn cars on its own. Bloomberg recalls in that the apple brand has a crazy little test vehicle in California. The latter have completed thousands of kilometers in 2020 and human interventions are, according to Bloomberg sources, less and less, a sign that the development of the vehicle is going well.

Regarding LiDAR, the technology should reach the “cutting edge” within 4 or 5 years, a date of 2025 finally quite close to the year 2024 announced by Ming-Chi Kuo as his favorite for the release of Apple, Because. Despite everything, the end of negotiations with Hyundai risks slowing down the development of Apple’s car by several years, and the latter may not arrive on the market until 2030.

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