Could the Apple Car finally be made in partnership with BMW?


While the announcements were more and more official regarding the arrival of an agreement between Hyundai, and its subsidiary Kia, the discussions abruptly stopped, and Apple is therefore forced to look elsewhere.

The disagreement with the Korean group would be largely linked to the role that the latter would have occupied in this partnership. Hyundai did not want to become an Apple subcontractor “like Foxconn”, one of the company’s executives had announced to Reuters. This role of second knife did not please Hyundai, which seems to have preferred to withdraw from this business and not to affiliate with Apple, while the Apple brand was about to make a very substantial investment in Kia’s capital to seal the deal.

Finally, nothing went as planned for the Cupertino company, which faced with the repeated reluctance of Hyundai executives and negotiators decided to end negotiations with the Korean manufacturer.

A partnership with BMW?

Apple therefore no longer has too many choices, the Apple brand must start from the beginning and find a new manufacturer with whom to ally to make the car of tomorrow. While discussions with Hyundai had announced a date of 2024 for the production of the first model of this car, halting negotiations and returning to square one could slow down production of the car Apple that may have a few years of delays.

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And according to the latest information of which we say, the Apple could turn to an ally of always, BMW. The German manufacturer has indeed excellent relations with Apple, and it is today the only car brand to use the digital key system offered by Apple in its iPhone.

An Apple Car by Apple?

The other idea that has gained ground since negotiations with Hyundai ended is that Apple ends up producing its vehicle on its own. The brand could in fact use subcontractors like Magna, which already works with Mercedes, BMW or other major automotive brands like Jaguar. The latter would have the advantage of very well be content with this role of second hill that a leading manufacturer would have much more difficulty accepting.

The automakers were not ready to welcome a new competitor in their factories, the latter could quite simply create their own, even if this strategy could cost Apple dearly, which on top of that, was losing expertise and knowledge. very important in this area, which significantly increases the risk percentage of this project which could well turn into a fiasco.

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