COVID-19 and returning to the office don’t mix at Apple

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It is not only in France that the number of COVID-19 contaminations on the rise again. Indeed, other countries such as the United States are also facing this scourge at the moment so that companies are trying to stem the phenomenon by limiting contacts in the office. This is particularly the case of Apple, the company employing more than ten thousand people in California alone.

Indeed, while a little earlier in the year the group’s management had chosen to force its employees to return to their jobs at least three days a week, this objective was finally abandoned after the resumption of contagions. And according to new information signed Mark Gurman (Bloomberg), this is not about to change: the health situation would be worse than ever at Apple.

A news probably well received

Internally, many employees have praised the qualities of teleworking since it became the norm with the onset of the coronavirus. Flexibility, autonomy, security or even better hygiene of life are thus regularly put forward to justify the arguments of those who do not wish to relocate permanently to the premises of Apple.

For many, this is even a key issue in order to guarantee the sustainability of their projects within the company itself. It is in this sense that an open letter was recently published to find right here, criticizing point by point the human resources policy of Apple. For comparison, other Silicon Valley companies such as Google or Microsoft seem to offer more freedom to their employees.

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Very encouraging figures

However, it seems that teleworking, or remote working in the language of Shakespeare, is therefore essential for the proper functioning of an organization. What’s more, when it markets services and can therefore be managed remotely using dedicated tools such as Slack or Google Meet. We also note that studies show other impacts, beyond the social one, on theenvironment or the economy. Indeed, you necessarily spend less on travel costs if you stay at home, while reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. A good point for Apple’s green objectives for 2030.

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