Covid-19: Biden will send more than 500 free tests due to increase in cases by Ómicron

Las pruebas comenzarán a ser enviadas el mes próximo.

This Tuesday, in a message released from the White House, President from the United States, Joe Biden, reported some measures that will begin to be implemented in the coming days to face a next wave of Covid-19 derived Omicron variant, which has become the dominant in the country.

Biden reported that one of the measures will be deliver around 500 million completely free and at-home Covid tests throughout the US; likewise, too more test stands will be placed and federal medical personnel will be made available to hospitals in order to avoid any collapse in services.

What the president did rule out is imposing some type of confinement measure as well as other restrictive provisions.

“We know how to keep citizens from getting seriously ill. We have the tools to do it, ”Biden said in his statement. Likewise, spokeswoman Jen Psaki added that Biden’s intention is to “be clear and direct with the Americans. about the benefits of being vaccinated, about the steps we are going to take to increase testing and to ensure that the unimmunized finally understand what risks they face ”.

About the free Covid-19 tests, these will begin to be sent and distributed from January of 2022. To do this, you must request them through a website that the government will launch in the next few days in order to pre-register.

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States whose hospitals will receive the federal health worker booster are: Michigan, Indiana, Vermont, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire. Material has also been reserved, such as N95 masks, respirators or personal protective equipment for health workers, to be sent to the centers that need it.

With this and other measures, Biden puts into practice the theory exposed on December 2 in his winter plan, the second since the arrival of Covid-19, to combat the epidemic. So, he paid special attention to the tests to stop it, after months in which the advance of vaccination prevailed over the rest of the tactics against the pandemic.

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