Covid-19 pandemic: the battle between the Omicron and Delta variants

Fila para hacerse una prueba de detección de covid-19 en Nueva York.

Line to get tested for covid-19 in New York.

Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

According to the scientists, the future of the pandemic could be in the battle between covid-19 variants, wondering if the new competitor Ómicron may unseat Delta, the predominant in the world today.

Based on the analysis of what happens in Great Britain and South Africa, some scientists already have a prognosis.

The doctor Jacob lemieux, quoted by The Associated Press, considers that “it is still too early, but more and more information begins to arrive little by little that hints that Ómicron will likely unseat Delta in many places, if not all ”. The expert oversees the variants in a research collaboration spearheaded by Harvard Medical School.

However, others consider it to be too soon to find out what is the actual probability of Ómicron to beat Delta.

“Especially here in the United States, where we are seeing significant increases in Delta, if Ómicron is going to replace it, I think we will know in a couple of weeks“The media cites Matthew Binnicher, director of virology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Among the most pressing questions to be answered are the severity of the disease caused by Omicron, as well as the efficiency of the vaccines in this variant, or of those who already suffered from the disease. “The virus is spreading with extraordinary speed.

If you look at the slopes of the wave we are on right now, it is a much steeper incline than the first three waves South Africa experienced. This indicates that is spreading rapidly and therefore could be a highly contagious virus”Stated William Hanekom, Director of Health Research Africa.

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