Covid: These are the Omicron symptoms that are detected first

Los síntomas de la infección por Ómicron son un tanto diferentes a los síntomas ya conocidos de Covid.

Just as the world was experiencing a relative stabilization of Covid infections, a variant appeared last November that caught the attention of the international scientific community due to its numerous mutations. Since then, Ómicron has become the dominant strain. Omicron symptoms that are detected first They were described by the South African doctor who first observed this variant of Covid-19.

Angelique coetzee is the South African doctor with 33 years of experience who a couple of months ago detected the first cases of the Omicron variant in patients he cared for with Covid symptoms different from those already known. Then it was possible to detect the existence of this new mutation whose origin has even been said to come from mice.

Symptoms of Omicron infection

Based on the experience of Dr. Coetzee and the millions of cases that have occurred around the world in recent weeks, Omicron symptoms are often different than originally presented and, in general, they are milder.

In the first instance, the doctor who also chairs the South African Medical Association, points out that loss of taste and smell (anosmia) characteristic of earlier strains, usually not occurring with Omicron. Additionally, there is intense fatigue and a very high heart rate that was observed in a pediatric patient.

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The doctor reported that total exhaustion is one of the symptoms that he noticed in several dozen of his patients, many of them who had not been vaccinated. Older adults, people with chronic conditions, and those who have not received immunization because they are under the age of five or voluntarily remain more vulnerable to the most severe symptoms of the disease. “If they are not vaccinated, we will see a lot of people with a severe form of the disease,” Coetzee told The Telegraph.

Although in general the symptoms can be milder when contracting Omicron, it is important to know that there is still a risk of serious illness and that vaccination is the best way to protect yourself against hospitalization and death from Covid-19.

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