Craig Federighi is invited to the 2021 Web Summit

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The event

The Web Summit, one of the biggest tech events in the world, organizes conferences hosted by digital professionals. Launched in 2009, this year the event will welcome several representatives of major brands such as Amazon, Facebook, many others and of course Apple with its vice-president Craig Federighi. The executive is particularly recognized for his enthusiasm on stage, but also for his pragmatism in terms of software choices. One can thus without hesitation compare his role to that of a real CTO.

In a time of great uncertainty for many industries and even for the world itself, we are bringing together the founders, leaders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers and heads of state to pose a simple question: where are we going? Headlines the Web Summit for its next edition.

Craig Federighi is therefore announced as part of the batch of people invited to the Web Summit round table, which will take place during the first four days of November. The boss of iOS and macOS obviously did not give many details on his future speech. It is only known at this stage that the latter will deal with user privacy and product security.

This is indeed an issue that has been particularly close to Apple’s heart in recent years: the protection of personal data. It is therefore not surprising that this subject is relaunched on occasion, the company even seeming to make it a real struggle as has been demonstrated by the strategy of theanti-tracking transparency.

What scope for the intervention of “Fed”?

The presence of said representative on this panel in Europe leaves several questions unanswered. Would the Europeans be the main concerns of his speech or will we rather deal with the global concerns of Apple? Unless Europe is limited to being a simple meeting place during this event?

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What is almost certain is that no new product or service from the Apple brand should be announced for the occasion. The firm indeed reserves this kind of surprises to its famous keynotes, home-made.

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