crash test of the iPhone 14 Pro Max against the Galaxy S22 Ultra

iPhone 14 Pro Max VS Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Like every year, the YouTube channel PhoneBuff regales us with a strength test of the new iPhones. This time, it’s the turn of the excellent iPhone 14 Pro Max to be put to the test, with a first 1.5 meter drop which seriously cracks the back of the device. This is made of glass and allows wireless charging by induction or with MagSafe shells.

We also note that in this specific case, the main dorsal sensor of forty-eight megapixel is also damaged. Too bad, especially when we know that this is one of the main improvements of this mobile, PhoneBuff specifying that the lens of the iPhone 13 Pro Max tested earlier had here resisted under identical conditions. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultratested at the same time, shows fewer cracks, these being rather localized on the sides at the back.

Watch out for cuts

Of course, by mistreating your smartphone, you will always end up giving it back. unusable. This is demonstrated by a fall on the corner of the iPhone 14 Pro Max after the premiere, where the glass face on the back comes to reveal dangerous blades that it will not be good to cross with the palm. from your hand. But the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is also the victim of serious damage, the shock causing a deeper break.

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Finally, our executioners of the day also threw the iPhone 14 Pro Max face down, causing a fairly visible screen break at the top of it but much more so with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Face ID still works, but the fingerprint sensor on the Korean smartphone does not. As a reminder, to change the screen of your iPhone 14 Pro Max, it will cost you 489 euros without AppleCare+ insurance or 29 euros if you subscribe to the service.

The solution: buy a hull!

As observed PhoneBuff, in the case of the 1.5 meter drop, a protection covering the back and corners of the iPhone 14 Pro Max can easily protect its glass shell. Thanks to edges a little higher than the screen, it is also covered against shocks. So remember to choose an accessory of this type carefully to avoid breakage! Price: from 59 euros for a silicone MagSafe shell, or 69 euros in leather at Apple.

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