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créer un site wordpress

Are you planning to create a WordPress site to increase the visibility of your business? Today, the online presence has become essential to make itself known more by consumers. Indeed, many professionals and individuals use it to promote their services, products or activities. Find out how easily and simply create a WordPress website by browsing the following article.

WordPress in a few words …

WordPress is a content management system which was created in 2003 by the American company “Automatic”. This is a free online tool that allows you to create various blogs or websites. Its advantage lies in its many features, customizable themes and ease of use..

In addition, the WordPress system is more accessible, more intuitive but also more efficient, and which presents a better value for money compared to other CMS such as Wix for example.

This is why individuals and professionals use it today to develop their online business, whatever their business areas : e-commerce, coaching, blogging …

Once you have a project idea in mind, all you have to do is bring your website to life in a few clicks. But how to do it on WordPress? To help you in this process, it may be wise to draw up specifications upstream.

The steps to follow to create your WordPress site

1. Choose a suitable domain name for your site

The first step is to choose the domain name that will serve as the domiciliation of your site. It is important to take into account the nature of the proposed activities and the appropriate keywords during this step. For professionals, just select the name of your brand or business.

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The domain name is your first contact element with your visitors. Hence the interest in selecting it with care. Usually, it ends with .fr, .eu, .org, .biz, .net, or .com. To benefit from exclusive use of your domain name, do not hesitate to “reserve” it. In this regard, a price will be offered.

2. Customize your WordPress site

Once you have chosen your domain name, you can now proceed to the custom creation of your website. In the tab “dashboard “, Select”Appearance“, Then go to the option”Themes“.

You will then have a wide variety of choices at your disposal, some themes being free. Once you have found the ideal theme, validate by clicking on “add“.

The chosen theme must reflect the message that you want to convey. For example, you can bet on colors that match your logo if you are an entrepreneur.

On WordPress, you have the possibility to modify the colors of the Template, to add a background image and a logo. You can also change your header at will.

Now it’s time to choose the structure of your WordPress site. This step concerns the management and creation of different pages which will be accessible from your site. In “Dashboard“, Select”item” then “add“. You will land on an intuitive and easy to complete interface for writing your articles.

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It is possible to classify the articles by using the option “Categories“. These are the different classes that you will have previously chosen before writing your content. Do not hesitate to optimize your SEO by going to “edit category“. For bloggers, a feature allowsassociate the articles with each other. This promotes the organization of the blog.

Depending on your services or your activities, you can choose the various menus that will appear on your WordPress site. By way of illustration, the pages accessible on a WordPress site are: home, blog, contact, about, our services, etc. Remember to install “ElementorTo customize the appearance of your pages more easily.

4. Proceed to content writing

For bloggers, this is the most important step. Indeed, the content of the blog brings together the messages, the know-how, the information that they wish to transmit to their audiences.

The writing ofSEO optimized articles helps to further increase the visibility of your website on search engines. Do not hesitate to call on the services of a professional to benefit from SEO optimized content.

5. Choose the right plugins

To make your WordPress site even more efficient, it is highly recommended that you install specialized plugins. Among them we can cite the ” Yoast SEO“. This is a SEO plug-in for your website . It makes it easier to control the tags and titles of each of your articles.

The advantage with Yoast SEO is that it guides you on what to do as long as your WordPress site is poorly referencedon the Web. Its second strong point lies in the ease of management of the social networks associated with your website. A detail that is very important for people working in e-commerce, for example.

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Other plug-ins like the ” Google XML Sitemap Are also available. This helps to facilitate the indexing of your WordPress site.The sitemap allows Google to easily recognize your URLs to integrate them into its search engine. Finally, Google Analytics gives you all the details about the performance of your WordPress site (number of visitors, profile of your audience, etc.).

Shareholicis the # 1 recommended plugin to help you promote your WordPress site. It allows you to share your best blog posts on social networks (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube…). And this, thanks toshare buttonswith an aesthetic and original design, available on each of your articles published online.

For entrepreneurs who wish to customize their forms, it is advisable to use the “Contact Form 7“. Thanks to its very rich visual, it allows the creation of innovative forms in which you can add the options of your choice. For example, you can insert invoices, purchase orders or quotes.

Finally, to avoid server saturation, it is recommended to install the plug-in “WordPress super cache“. This extension allows data to be saved to avoid the server having to read it again each time. It therefore technically improves page loading. This prevents visitors from waiting too long when viewing your website.

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