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This is one of the ” main challenges of the century According to Tim Cook. Apple makes no secret of its positions on confidentiality and even makes it one of its main axes of communication. Joining action with words, the company has even rolled out a series of innovations aimed at protecting the personal data of their customers.

Tracking is little appreciated but accepted in case of free

This includes setting up privacy labels on the App Store that allow visitors to see precisely what an application is collecting from them before installing it. In the spring, the apple brand even wants to deploy an anti-tracking tool that arouses very strong reactions from its competitors and in particular from Facebook.

A survey conducted in the United States by SellCell with 2,000 iPhone and iPad owners provides more information on how users feel about this strategy. 72% of respondents say they are aware of the privacy changes implemented by Apple, which shows that communication is working quite well. They are also 72% to approve these modifications.

In addition, 65% are concerned about the tracking practices put in place by websites and applications. However, 74% accept this tracking if it guarantees them to benefit from a feature without having to pay.

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Finally, privacy labels seem to play a significant role in choices. Thus, 57% of respondents assured that they would not download apps that collect too much personal information, such as location or financial data.

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