Dan Riccio reportedly working on a virtual reality project for Apple

Dan Riccio

Two weeks ago, we learned that Dan Riccio, vice president of hardware engineering at Apple, was going to leave his post to devote himself to a secret Apple brand project. He is replaced by John Ternus, who has worked for the company for twenty years and who is gradually climbing the ranks. We saw him present the new Macs under M1 during a previous keynote.

A VR headset and AR glasses?

Journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, always well informed about Apple, affirms that Dan Riccio is now focusing the company’s future virtual and augmented reality projects. According to him, the engineer will notably supervise the work of the teams of Mike Rockwell already in charge of the development of a VR headset. He will also focus on preparing the company’s AR glasses.

Of course, nothing has yet been formalized by Apple and so these are hypotheses. The headset would be used in particular for video games, education or science. Glasses could for example make it possible to read SMS while looking for information or a location. According to MacWorld, this Apple Glass project also seems to be slipping and the arrival of one of Apple’s best engineers could just restart the machine.

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