Dashboard SE Ranking: how to use it?

SE ranking : comprendre et utiliser le dashboard

The SE ranking dashboard is a platform that offers many possibilities to improve your internet traffic. Indeed, the latter facilitates the work of analysis by highlighting the most important criteria for your SEO.

Using and understanding the SE ranking dashboard is very easy. But what does this tool really offer you? How will it help you carry out a marketing plan? Focus on the SE ranking dashboard and its daily use.

Presentation of the SE ranking dashboard

The SE ranking dashboard is intentionally very clean for you facilitate reading of the different analyzes.

As soon as you arrive on your project page, you will see the multitude of tools that this system offers. Far from the complexity of Google Analytics, SE ranking goes to the essentials to offer you a simple and efficient study of your website. The main thing is in the first table. Here you can find:

  • Your average position,
  • traffic forecasts,
  • search visibility,
  • current traffic
  • your percentage in the top 10.
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Your middle position tells you the ranking of your keywords in search engines. The closer you get to 0, the higher your site is on Google. Thus, you can benefit from an interesting visibility on your web space.

The forecast traffic is an indicator that gives you a prediction on the attractiveness of keywords. You can then compare your potential traffic and your actual traffic and draw conclusions.

For example, if you haven’t seen enough views on your site when your forecast traffic is high, you will need to review the quality of your keywords or your content.

Finally, the number of requests ranking in the top 10 of search engines is expressed as a percentage. You can then find out the percentage of your keywords ranking in the first 10 results of Google and work this criterion in detail.

All data is visible and can be analyzed daily or weekly. You can also go back over a period of up to 6 months to give you an overall view of the situation of your site.

How to take advantage of the tools to establish a marketing plan?

In the left column, many other tools are at your disposal. Using the SE ranking dashboard will facilitate the development of your marketing plan. The latter is a capital parameter in the evolution of your website. Here you have the possibility to use all the data collected in the analysis table on the home page.

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In addition to these statements, you have access to a checklist of the most important points to take into consideration in improving your website.

The marketing plan makes it easier to find strengths and weaknesses for your site. This must be clear and analyzed regularly. You should also adjust it constantly. Indeed, your competitors evolving in the same niche as yours, it is essential to surpass them permanently.

For that, you must anticipate the needs of your customers. The SE ranking solution helps you in this task by helping you in the construction of your marketing plan.

The importance of competitive research

The competitive research is a powerful lever to impose your expertise on the Internet. Indeed, the latter facilitates the understanding of the actions implemented by your competitors. You can take advantage of a visual on the keywords they use and thus offer your expertise on the most popular expressions.

In the top bar of the SE ranking dashboard, you can use the competitive search option. This one, dedicated to researching your competitors’ SEO and PPC campaigns, will help you understand the levers that help opposing companies in their development on the Internet.

By tracking this data and implementing a strong marketing strategy, you can easily exceed it. Thus, you increase your site in the SERPs, generate more traffic and attract more new potential customers.

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The SE ranking dashboard designed for beginners and professionals

With a very clean design, the SE ranking dashboard is very easy to use. Whether you are a professional or a beginner in the field of data analysis, you benefit here from a very accessible system that facilitates your progress on the Internet.

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With a little work and a lot of analysis, you make your site evolve on the first places of search engines. Thus, SE ranking helps you in the development of your audience and your business.

What you must remember

The SE ranking Dashboard is a very easy to use and practical tool to considerably improve your online ranking. Thanks to its sleek design, SE ranking offers a powerful tool that is accessible even to beginners. To view the offer, go to the registration home page and take advantage of a free trial.

Dashboard SE Ranking: how to use it?

Why prepare a marketing plan with SE ranking?
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