Daughters Of ‘El Puma’ Rodríguez Break The Silence After The Scandal And Reveal The Truth That Separated Them

Daughters Of ‘El Puma’ Rodríguez Break The Silence After The Scandal And Reveal The Truth That Separated Them

“Look at yourself in a mirror and see how God and the world see you, an arrogant, arrogant, haughty, arrogant human being”

Three weeks from Jose Luis Rodriguez, ‘The Puma’, have said in the digital show ‘Talks with Luz … Ma’ that if his daughters, Liliana and Lilibeth and her granddaughter Galilee they died without reconciling, nothing happened because I saw them in heaven, they break the silence.

Yes, after the scandal that was unleashed with those statements on Luz María Doria’s digital show, and after having refused to give interviews to all the media worldwide seeking her statements, sisters Lilibeth and Liliana made a video answering point by point what his father said, asking him not to use them to sell his book ‘Para qué Vivir’, or his series and even revealed the famous truth that El Puma talks about so much, which would have started this separation.


– “You say you don’t like scandals, but here the only one who is speaking and giving scandals is you… It happens that it was clear to God, to us and to the world, that you don’t care if we die and you don’t see us anymore. It happens what everyone sees except you, that no father who loves his daughters speaks like that ”.

– “Every time you need to promote your books or your series you use us, now it is convenient for you to mention us, which was absolutely forbidden until nothing in your interviews … That soon you will come out saying what is the true reason for your distance, to keep to the public in curiosity and pending to the media, and you have the toupee to say that we turn the page.

– “You say that the moment of reconciliation will come soon, what is the moment? Being on the verge of death was not the moment? But now that you promote your series and your books, could it be the moment because it suits you? And do you have the audacity to show a possible reconciliation on television or on live networks, really? … We do not deserve that, nor do we deserve that you seek to discredit us, distort our image, put us in the public eye.

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– “Stop talking about God because you don’t know him, stop confusing people. We deeply believe that these years of your life have not been added to this … What do you profess? What do you promote? Discord? Division? Controversy attacking your own daughters and creating a media show? … No sir, you are wrong, God is not this, the God we know is a God of love, union, reconciliation, reconstruction, here the one who has to rectify is you … Do me a favor, look at yourself in a mirror, and see how God and the world see you, an arrogant, arrogant, haughty, arrogant human being, without a hint of humility. Stop saying that the children are of the world and you have to let them go, one can divorce but never again from the children, the blood is never denied, much less downplaying that bond so important to God ”.

– “You said that Liliana ‘allegedly’ attacked you … Then you decide never to treat Galilea, or me again, for life. You say that we both have to recognize and rectify … I have nothing to recognize and much less to rectify because I did not do anything to you, or to your family. I challenge you before God and the world to show that I attacked you or your wife or your daughter or spoke ill of you, I do not lie, God and you know it because I lived with you for 6 months and I never had a yes, not a no, with anyone in your family …

Without any guilt without understanding why you banished me from your life. I looked for you, Liliana looked for you and I also received you every time you decided to appear sporadically. Let’s talk about our many approaches, in private and public. Let’s talk about yours, it was always hiding, keeping our relationship with you hidden, treating us like lovers instead of daughters. Do you remember the time you asked me to walk down the back street because your family was on Lincoln Rd and you didn’t want them to see us?

In 2016, while in Venezuela, you called me and asked my forgiveness for something very serious that you had done, the next day I got on a plane to Miami to come to see you, and since you didn’t want it to be known, we wrote e-mails, and when I got to Miami what did you do? You did not appear, I did not know more about you, and we are the toxic ones? “.

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– “Let’s talk about my approaches, let’s talk about Peru because I looked for you because I felt it from God because I was with Galilea and it seemed important to do so. You blame me that I disclosed that we met because you wanted it to be a secret, I thought we were going to meet in a basement or in four of the hotel, however, the meeting was in the hotel restaurant, where there were many people, I found it surprising and there we met, and then you say that I aired it.

One that he mentions in his book that I approached his house with cameras to document the worst moment of his illness, a lie! I was horrified when I saw images in all the television media that her disease was advanced, and I thought we did not have time … I found out her address because I did not know where her house was and I approached, I did not

– “You say turn the page, leave the show … I have had three statements publicly: one to advocate for you because you had public opinion against it, the video I made on networks because I had no other way to communicate with you and I wanted you will hear the message, I was so disappointed after your operation, that I could not understand that after such a hard test you were still with such a hardened heart without listening to the voice of God .. And this is the third, this time to defend me from defamations of my own father. But as a result of that video that appeared on the networks, your wife made this statement … Lie, I was never invited to your new house … In your new house, I only know the facade, when you asked me to take you to the airport and I was waiting for you outside to that I did not enter or they did not see me … That this is resolved personally, how? If he does not allow you to see us? You say that your current wife did everything possible to unite the families … “.

– “You gave me a phone number so that we could be in communication so that you would know about Galilea, you put me in a car with a driver and security, and when she found out that we had met in Peru, she withdrew all services. You called me on the phone and told me that you had to choose and that we had lost … When you were in serious condition in the hospital, fighting for your life, it was such anguish on our part that we called, sent thousands of texts that none were answered, and it was only when I told a mutual friend that we were going to go to the hospital because we had no information about you, did she deign to share your state of health “.

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– “I told him that I wanted to see you, that we wanted to pray with you and for you, that we would do it together, as a family, which was not a time of division, but he did not answer me …”.

– “That so serious that you say that I did, that happened like a thousand years ago, and what did I do? Warn you of a possible marital situation, which any daughter would have done, and the episode was so painful that we kept talking after that. We even work together because your participation in the production of ‘Wild Cat’ was negotiated by me, and I don’t understand how 30 years later it still hurts, now. of course. it is convenient for you to promote your book and its series ”.

– “Promote yourself, but sell the story of your life that only our chapter cannot be produced, look for the scandals around you, that there is enough cloth to cut and do not force us to defend ourselves because we do not want to get dirty with the things that you have made us, and we have much to say. Today we tell you, not to turn the page, to close the book, live your life and let us live in peace ”.

– “You want to teach what to live for… You fix your priorities, don’t waste your time on that garbage, because this family, whether you like it or not, has a very important divine purpose and you have chosen to ignore it… Wow if I was afraid of that. On our part there is forgiveness, we forgive you from the heart because that is what God wants. We do not forgive you that you have had a new life, that you are married and have a new family, that is normal, we forgive the rejection, we forgive the rejection … I want you to know that we are believers, creatures of a God who loves, who forgives, who restores and fixes, look at us here, we are good women, of God “.



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