David Reyes: “Ethereum must be resilient like a plant, but also agile”

advantages of Proof of stake pointed out by ethereum developer Juan David Reyes

Key facts:
  • As a natural ecosystem, diversity will drive Ethereum to be more secure, he claims.

  • Ethereum’s energy consumption dropped by 99% “literally overnight.”

In one of the first talks at the ETH Santiago conference in Chile, developer Juan David Reyes highlighted the advantages that the arrival of Merge brought to Ethereum. This transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) will help achieve a more diverse, sustainable and secure ecosystem, he explained.

Much of the exposition of the Colombian developer, member of the Ethereum Foundation, was based on compare Ethereum to a natural ecosystem. This idea was originally raised by Aya Miyaguchi in her book the infinite gardenhe detailed.

In the search for a more secure and decentralized ecosystem, Merge has been a fundamental step, Reyes assured.

The Merge represents a 55% maturation of the Ethereum network, according to Reyes. This change in the network’s consensus algorithm that took place on September 15 allowed energy consumption to be reduced by 99.9% “literally, overnight.” It is a goal that leads to a more sustainable ecosystem, “which is important in the face of the climate crisis.”

Regarding the execution of the Merge itself, the developer member of the Ethereum Foundation highlighted the fact that there was a “smooth transition” and that the intervention of the developers was not necessary to correct any eventuality.

Juan David Reyes also made a brief reference to the “attempts to sabotage” the Merge, In relation to fork that some organized miners carried out. The developer noted that the attempt was unsuccessful. As reported by CriptoNoticias, this Ethereum fork had some technical problems in its first hours of existence.

Ethereum and the quest to be “resilient and agile”

Following the analogy with nature, David Reyes assured that plants are resilient, and that quality was also pursued in the development of Ethereum. “Plants have a lot to teach us about achieving a healthier ecosystem,” he said.

Unlike the animal kingdom, Ethereum’s “infinite garden” seeks to make the network neutral. That is to say, that there is no central body or leader of the pack that can fail. “You need to be resilient like a plant and have a healthy ecosystem, but also be agile and have teams that are moving forward,” he said.

The diversity that is generated in this garden is what Reduces points of failureassured the Colombian. For this, it is essential that the use of clients in the execution layer and in the consensus layer is varied. This point became critical a few months ago, when Ethereum 2.0 was still being tested.

The future of the Ethereum ecosystem according to David Reyes

At the end of his presentation, Reyes referred to the future that awaits Ethereum now that the long-awaited Merge has already taken place. The next thing that will make the network more efficient is the shardingsaid.

As explained in this medium, it is a reorganization of the data to improve its storage on the network. For some players in the ecosystem, such as Binance exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao, sharding will be even more important than merging.

advantages of Proof of stake pointed out by ethereum developer Juan David Reyes
PoS brings many advantages to the Ethereum network, said developer Juan David Reyes. Font: ETH Santiago/ YouTube

For his part, Reyes explained that sharding and scalability solutions in second layers will allow to achieve a network that is accessible to use as more users adopt its use. That is, a more scalable Ethereum.

Ultimately, the Colombian highlighted the large number of events that the Latin American Ethereum community is starring this year. In this sense, he highlighted the holding of ETH Latam in Buenos Aires and the continuation of this event in Lima, Santiago, Bogotá, Quito and Panama. “The region is flourishing,” she concluded, returning to the springtime analogy with which she began her talk.

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