De Bruyne has the key

De Bruyne

Accused the victory in the Metropolitan. To the Manchester City his hangover lasted over the weekend, conceding three goals in the first half of the FA Cup semi-final against Liverpool. Kyle Walker, Ilkay Gündogan and Kevin De Bruyne were missing for physical discomfort. Doubts arose. Especially around the Belgian, cornerstone of Pep Guardiola’s project. An important man in the important games, as long as he doesn’t get injured. Something that has been happening too regularly for the interests of the Mancunians. It happened in the Champions League finaland the situation threatened to repeat itself in the Metropolitan. This time, his people endured without him.

Photo by De Bruyne

De Bruyne started on Wednesday night as City re-took the Premier League lead. Largely thanks to the contribution of their number 17. Each ball that came to him ended up gaining meaning and relevance. Something was going to happen. Unstoppable in the race, two rivals were thrown at him when he started towards the goal in the play of the first goal, and not like that. He relaxed the atmosphere, which was becoming frustrating. He calmed things down while giving cause for celebration. There is no doubt about his fitness, and in the end he got the assist from him with a delightful first touch to set up Bernardo in the box for the third and final goal of the night. Against Madrid, in the Champions League, it will undoubtedly be the biggest concern for Ancelotti’s men.

Shield/Flag M. City

Unpredictable when the ball reaches his position. At the first touch or calming down the rhythm, short or long, with precision and power. He earned a standing ovation from the Etihad Stadium when he was substituted for Gabriel Jesus in the closing minutes. Kevin De Bruyne has won over his fans in 300 games, but also his rivals, journalists and fans and those of others. Not surprisingly, he keeps the master key that opens all kinds of defenses. The custody. So City needs him on the pitch.


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