De Laurentiis: “Tell me that you have won PSG as well as Ligue 1?”


Aurelius DeLaurentiispresident of Naplesintervened during a meeting with the students of the Francesco Giordani Technical Institute of the southern city. The head of the Azzurro club, in addition to the news of his team, spoke about the Super League, international football and his former coach, Carlo Ancelotti: “It’s a piece of NaplesHe wins and he knows how to do it very well. He is a top team coach. We in Naples we are rare, we know how to criticize but not to do self-criticism”.

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PSG and Chelsea: “You tell me that PSG has won in all these years, in addition to the French championship? Money is not everything, there is no automatic relationship between spending and winning. Look at Chelsea, who were valued at 6.5 billion euros, and he hasn’t won many leagues lately.”

Investments: “If I had listened to my typhoid instincts, we would have gone bankrupt every year. I’ve been here for 18 years, the results are always positive and for 13 in a row we’ve always played in Europe.”

super league: “I was one of the first to call Andrea Agnelli to tell him that he was making a mistake. I say no to the Super League, but I also say it to this Champions League, in which I must participate for reasons of income. We have to respect the leagues more I would organize a European championship with two groups of 25 teams: in the first, the top five teams from the top five championships. In the other, the 25 winners from the other leagues.”

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Mertens: “Renewal? We’ll decide at the end of the season.”


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