deadlines are getting shorter, the situation is finally improving

comparatif iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12

While these are only upgraded versions of the iPhone 12 series (but with some important new features like the 120Hz screen on Pro models), the series models iPhone 13 are very popular. Unfortunately for Apple, while demand is high, it is struggling to produce enough units to satisfy its customers.

Like many other companies, the Cupertino company is facing a shortage of components and disruption related to the pandemic. But the good news is that now the situation seems to be improving.

Shorter deadlines, a sign of improvement

Apple makes very little comment on its supply chain. However, the waiting times when ordering an iPhone on its website gives an idea of ​​the situation.

And lately, those deadlines have reportedly been shortened. In any case, this is indicated by an article published by the Apple Insider site, which relays a note which would have been written by an analyst at JP Morgan. As Apple Insider explains, the bank has a tracker that closely tracks changes in wait times, allowing it to estimate the state of Apple’s supply chain.

And according to the data collected, on average (the duration varies by country), the waiting time for an ordered iPhone to be delivered would have been reduced. Today, we would have the shortest deadlines since the launch of the series.

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For an iPhone 13, the wait would be, on average, today two days, while a week ago, it was three days. And for the Pro models, the delay would be reduced from 10 days to five days.

All of this suggests that Apple is now somewhat better able to meet demand for its latest iPhones.

A situation that would have been catastrophic

In recent months, the media have kept talking about the situation Apple is facing. Despite its expertise in logistics and its bargaining power with suppliers, the firm has not been spared by the shortage of chips.

In addition, in October, for the first time in ten years, Apple would have been forced to cease production of the iPhone. While they normally run at full speed during this period, the partners of the Cupertino company would have been forced to stop production because of component shortage and energy problems in China.

Sources also indicate that the September / October production would have been reduced by 20% from the initial forecast. And to mitigate this problem, Apple would have decided to produce less iPad to reassign certain components to the production of the iPhone.

People have already given up, they will wait for the iPhone 14?

For the moment, we do not know how this crisis will affect Apple’s financial results. But according to a rumor, the firm has already warned its suppliers of a possible drop in demand. Indeed, because of the shortage and too long delays, some customers have finally decided not to buy a new iPhone.

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They might be waiting for the already rumored iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. According to these, the Pro model would have a screen without a notch, but with an Android-style bubble for the front sensor. On the other hand, this model would have a 48 megapixel camera which will allow filming in 8K.

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