Deadmau5 and Portugal. The Man will commercialize a new single in NFT format and will sell units at the Art Basel festival in Miami – DiarioBitcoin

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Deadmau5 and Portugal. The Man will commercialize a new single in NFT format and will sell units at the Art Basel festival in Miami - DiarioBitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The artists will opt for this new modality to commercialize their new song, with which they seek greater visibility and adoption of the NFT within the music industry.


Deadmau5, one of the DJ’s most reputed within the electronic music ecosystem, hand in hand with the band Portugal. The Man, are marketing their new musical production through NFT’s.

As such, the artists in question will proceed to commercialize their single “This is fineThrough a million NFT, which are available through the platform Mintbase. This service works over the network Blockchain from Near, one of the platforms frequently used by artists to mint their digital collectibles.

They will sell NFT’s at the festival Art Basel of Miami

One of the most interesting aspects about NFT coined by Deadmau5 and Portugal. The Man is that a quarter of the collectibles will be sold during the festival Art Basel, which is celebrated in the city of Miami.

This was confirmed by a spokesperson, who indicated that a total of 250,000 will be sold. NFT during the festival, which can be purchased at a price of USD $ 1.29 per unit.

Even the mayor of the city of Miami, Francis Suarez, echoed the news and shared the good news with all his followers through his official account of Twitter, where he welcomed the bands to the festival and made mention of the sale of the NFT through Mintbase.

Changes in the music industry model

As such, the music industry is one that has been changing the most over the past 30 years, since from a superficial perspective it has gone from the sale of CDs to the commercialization of albums and pieces through platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify, which implies a change in the models, seeking ever better conditions for the artists.

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The arrival and rise of NFT It would be marking an interesting change in the paradigm of the music world, since under this modality concert tickets, tickets for private transmissions and even albums / musical pieces have been commercialized, all through digital collectibles based on Blockchain.

So much Deadmau5 What Portugal. The Man have some experience in the Blockchain and the NFT. In this regard, the famous DJ commented in a statement sent to the team of CoinDesk:

“It’s about adoption. It’s about embracing this way of doing things for artists, and also about public adoption and companies working together to adopt technology that will make this easier for everyone. It’s not about me working to improve my bank account, it’s about everyone … working to gain more control over their work. “

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