Decline in demand for iPhone 13, just before the holidays

iPhone 13

A new article published by Bloomberg claims to have intercepted a message sent by Apple to its suppliers and explaining to them that the iPhone 13 would sell less well than before at the moment, a sign that production must slow down. Another consequence: large-scale orders (we are talking here of several million units) previously placed by Apple with its Asian service providers could be canceled.

The story does not say which subcontractors are directly affected, but the list of suppliers of moving parts for the Apple is known. These include the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (proprietary chips), LG and Samsung (screens) as well as Wistron, Foxconn and Pegatron (final assembly). Note that Sony also takes care of the photo sensors installed on the back.


According to the journalists at the origin of this unprecedented information, several reasons would push prospects to turn their backs on the iPhone 13 after it – accompanied by its variations – has experienced many delays. One of them is, again, the coronavirus pandemic. Hard to fathom considering online sales are hot, but what do you want.

As for the second, it would simply be frustration. Thus, even if Apple has specified that its flagship laptops will be well under the tree for those who want it, a multitude of consumers would have simply decided to ignore it after having faced extended and disappointing delivery times in the past weeks.

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Why we should not worry

We realized it last night: Apple’s price on the New York Stock Exchange reached its highest level, which suggests that investors’ expectations for the firm are not weakening. It is not only phones that make money for the American brand, but also tablets, computers, accessories like the Watch or AirPods and paid subscriptions.

On the other hand, the fourth quarter is almost every year the opportunity for Cupertino to reach new income records precisely thanks to the gifts and the many promotions offered by dealers during the same period. Black Friday, which has just ended, is also a growth driver for most stores.

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