Definition & How To Use Them Well?

From Featured Snippets to Rich Snippets, Google offers many opportunities to enrich our search results with content snippets. These 2 types of Snippets work differently, but can increase the visibility of your pages in the SERPs. What is the difference between Featured and Rich Snippets? How to get them? What do they look like? Let’s review everything there is to know about Google Snippets.

What is a Snippet on Google?

When performing a search on Google, it is not uncommon to see a lot of information in addition to the basic search results. It can be an information banner on the left side of the screen, under the page link, just below the search bar, etc. These are the Snippets.

These are excerpts that are intended toenrich search results in order to provide the best possible experience to Internet users. The goal is to help them find the answer to their query more quickly and easily.

Now, it must be taken into account that there are 2 types of extracts: Featured Snippets and the Rich Snippets. The first are “independent” of your will, even if you can deactivate them, while the second result from a particular action on your part.

Let’s see how these 2 types of Snippets work.

Everything you need to know about Rich Snippets

The Rich Snippets are semantic tags that you will be able to integrate into the HTML code of your pages. It is also called structured data or rich results.

Thanks to these extracts, you will be able to highlight a relevant aspect of your pagewhich can help the Internet user to make his choice, when clicking in the SERPs.

It must be taken into account that the implementation of Rich Snippets does not necessarily mean an increase in traffic and even a gain in positioning. Rich Snippets don’t actually have no direct impact on your SEO. On the other hand, if they are relevant, they can lead to a better click-through rate (CTR). So, logically, with Rich Snippets, you can gain a small share of additional traffic on the same position.

Some content lends itself very well to the integration of Rich Snippets, such as e-commerce product sheets, cooking recipes, or blog articles.

It is also important to say that these Snippets will not only be exploited by Google. Indeed, Bing (and therefore Yahoo) also uses them to enrich its search results.

How to integrate Rich Snippets in the SERPs?

No matter what CMS or how you run your site, chances are you can integrate these tags.

The standard to integrate these extracts is to go through the site Know that there are also plugins on WordPress and other CMS to integrate them directly from the management interface of your site.

On, it is not necessarily easy to navigate. You have to navigate deep within the site to find everything you are looking for.

Once you get your code snippet from Rich Snippets, you need to go to their validator. It allows you to check if your code is good before integrating it into your page and publishing it.

5 examples of Rich Snippets (enriched data)


Integrating structured data into your page to show questions and their answers is interesting. It is quite an element substantial in terms of size and who can bring a lot of added value. However, you have to be very careful with this tool. Indeed, Google is increasingly looking to give the answer to the user directly in the search results. This Snippets falls completely within this framework, but it can be penalizing for you and reduce the click rate on your page. As for the meta description, you have to succeed in making people want without saying too much.

Overview of a rich snippets FAQ
Overview of a rich snippets FAQ


Another very popular Rich Snippets: reviews or ratings. Placed under the URL, this star gauge makes the page stand out in terms of color in the SERPs (yellow), and give credibility to the content. Whether it’s a product, a tutorial, a recipe or a blog post, the review can be of interest. Often, sites slightly fake these ratings by putting ratings themselves, so it’s best to make up your own mind about the content. This note is accompanied by the number of notices filed right next to it.

Preview of a review rich snippetsPreview of a review rich snippets
Preview of a rich review snippets


In addition to reviews, it is possible to add additional information on products, such as price or availability.

Preview of a rich price snippets
Preview of a rich price snippets


As part of an event, you have several possibilities to highlight it at the heart of Rich Snippets. There is of course the list of dates, which display 3 events and their dates under the meta description. It is also possible to display more general information on the event such as the website, the director, the responsible structure and the date.

Preview of a rich event snippets
Preview of a rich event snippets


Finally, this last Rich Snippet is essential for all business sites. It allows toadd a box with all the information related to the company on the right of the SERPs on brand name queries.

Preview of a corporate rich snippets
Preview of a corporate rich snippets

All about Featured Snippets

As explained at the beginning, Featured Snippets are independent of your willGoogle decides whether or not you deserve to be there.

The goal is to mhighlight the most relevant results for the user, relative to the query he made. As we explained with the Rich Snippets FAQ, Google’s interest is to provide the best possible answer to Internet users, not to drive traffic to the sites. And, while Featured Snippets give you a huge advantage over your competitors, in some cases, it can also lower your click-through rate.

These Snippets are generated by the search engine and can take the form of written or video content. They generally make it possible to seize the famous position 0so coveted by SEOs.

How to promote the appearance of your website in the Featured Snippets?

We would all like to place our pages in the Featured Snippets of the SERPs. Difficult to give a method that allows access to it for sure. On the other hand, one can note some best practices to follow to put all the chances on your side:

  • Vary the formats
  • Use the format of position 0 (list, video, etc…) or try to understand the search intention to propose the most logical solution
  • Avoid putting the brand name in the sentences possibly included in Featured Snippets
  • Avoid using “I” and “we”, since Google always seeks to address the Internet user
  • Write your H2s with the search intent of users in mind (also important for AAPs)

How do I enable Google Featured Snippets?

Even if Google has control over what appears or not in the SERPs, you can give them some indications regarding Featured Snippets. You can disable or enable these featured snippets. By default they are enabled but you can remove them for your page by adding in its HTML code. It is also possible to limit the number of characters that will appear by adding the instruction “max-snippet:[nombre caractères max] “.

5 examples of Featured Snippets

Bulleted list

This format highlights an answer as a bulleted list in the zero position of the search results. We find under the list (which does not display in full if it is too long) a small “More” link which redirects to your page.

Example of Featured Snippets in list
Example of Featured Snippets in list

Numbered list

The principle of the display is completely similar to the bulleted list. The numbered list appears rather as part of a tutorial or a procedure to follow, such as a cooking recipe for example.


If the most relevant answer to a user’s query is a video, Google will not hesitate to place a video in Featured Snippets. It’s up to you to identify the search intent to know whether or not to integrate a video into your page is interesting.


Often visible in sports search results, ranking allows for an optimized display of classified information.

Ranking Featured Snippets Example
Ranking Featured Snippets Example


Finally, the simplest version of Featured Snippets: a paragraph in a box. In position 0, it is one of the most common forms, which highlights an extract from a page that responds to the request of the Internet user.

Example of Featured Snippets in paragraph
Example of Featured Snippets in paragraph

You now know everything there is to know about how snippets work on Google, these extracts which aim to enrich search results, to help users find answers to their queries. Whether it’s Rich or Featured Snippets, your site can find more or less substantial benefits. If you have other examples of interesting Snippets, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments.

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