definition, operation and implementation

definition, operation and implementation

VoIP telephony or telephony Voice Over Internet Protocol is currently the most popular solution for companies looking for more fluid internal and external communication. A real lever for boosting prospecting campaigns, Aircall IP telephony makes it easier to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls from the company. Associated with a CRM such as that of HubSpot, it even allows access to the details of these calls: number of calls, e-mail, SMS sent, frequently contacted address book.

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Less expensive than traditional telephony solutions, IP telephony even makes it possible to make international calls at a lower cost. Find out what it’s really about, how this enterprise telephony solution works, and also how to link Aircall to HubSpot.

Before the advent of this technology, telephones within a company had to be connected to a common telephone exchange called a PABX. Its mission was to route communications to the external ISDN network using copper lines. Each line manages a maximum of 2 calls. Subsequently, to be able to establish ten or a hundred calls, it is therefore necessary to install several copper wires over kilometers. The congestion caused by such infrastructures, which also age quickly over time and are expensive, amply justifies the use of VoIP as a telephony solution.

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Moreover, with the large-scale evolution of the Internet network, relying on such a network to make calls is not only reliable, but also secure and less restrictive. There is no longer any hesitation in switching to VoIP telephony, in particular Aircall IP telephony, the best option for manage the commercial pipe well.

How Does a VoIP Phone System Work?

As its acronym suggests, Voice Over Internet Protocol telephony refers to the transmission of voice over the Internet Protocol. In reality, it works on the principle of converting voice signals into thousands of digital data which will be sent in data packets to the internet network using a router. This data will then be converted back to the same network until it reaches its destination.

VoIP telephony not only allows voice messages, calls and instant video chats to be transmitted, but also text and e-mail. It has the same functions as traditional PBX call solutions: voice mail, transfer of incoming / outgoing calls, caller ID, conference call.

And unlike the latter, IP telephony can easily be integrated with so-called CRM business management software. This explains the fact that Aircall can be integrated with HubSpot CRM and give you the opportunity to manage everything from a single platform.

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Aircall IP telephony as a business telephony solution

Aircall is the most suitable telephony solution for companies, especially those looking for a complete solution to set up an entire call center. Aircall IP telephony is distinguished by its ease of use, deployment, numerous available integrations and instant synchronization options, particularly with the Sales Hub.

Aircall offers a turnkey solution for any company wishing to develop a strong national and international network. The brand offers three options to choose from according to the needs of the structure:

  • The Essentials plan available at € 30 / month / user: Limitless incoming calls, 50 integrations & APIs, voicemail, click-to-dial, phone support and conference calling included.
  • The Professional plan available at 50 € / month / user: In addition to the features of the Essentials plan, you can access Salesforce integration, more advanced statistics, a dashboard available and customer support available 7 days a week.
  • The Custom plan available on request: In addition to the features of the Professional plan, you benefit from unlimited outgoing calls and a personalized SLA or onboarding agreement. The latter option is especially suitable for international companies.

How to set up Aircall with HubSpot?

To integrate Aircall with HubSpot and combine VoIP telephony options with other CRM features, a few steps need to be followed.

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First, you must connect Aircall and HubSpot by accessing your Aircall account, then selecting “Integration”. All that remains is to search for HubSpot and click on “Install”. For this connection to be established, the accounts HubSpot and Aircall must be created from the same e-mail address.

The next step is to connect to an Aircall number, once the connection is established. After choosing this number, you will immediately be taken to another page to access your HubSpot account. Then enter the required credentials and finish by configuring general settings.

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