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The spintax is a system for automatically generating texts from a model. It is a very useful tool for web writers, marketers, SEOs and webmasters. Find out how spintax works, what are the best tools to generate it, and how to use it for your projects.

Spintax definition: what is it?

In content spinning, the spintax is a technique that consists of writing a text in such a way that it can be read in different ways, with the aim of generating variant texts (called “spun”) that mean the same thing but are not duplicated (understand, with the lowest possible similarity rate).

It is a writing technique that was historically widely used in black hat SEO to generate many variations of articles in order to carry out automated backlink acquisition campaigns to quickly go up in Google search results.

Now, the spintax and the master spins created using this method of writing are mainly used on large sites wishing to create hundreds, even thousands, of pages while dynamically inserting unique content into them (as part of of geolocated pages for example).

Spintax format: 3 concrete examples

The principle ofwrite in spintax format is quite simple, just separate each synonymous word or group of words with a vertical bar | and encompass the whole block in a brace { }.

Here are 3 examples of spintax (from the simplest format to the most complete and complex):

  • Here is an example of a typical simple spintax format with word spin : {Spintax|Spin|Content spinning}
  • Here is an example of a simple spintax incorporating sentence spin : {Content spinning is an SEO technique that|Historically considered a black hat technique, content spinning is an approach that|Used by SEOs with a rather technical profile, content spinning allows}
  • Here is an example of spintax with nested spin combining sentence spin and word spin to be able to generate more unique variants : {The {content spin|content spinning|text spin|word spin} is a {technique|approach|strategy} {SEO|in natural referencing|of optimization for web referencing|of web referencing|in Google referencing } who}

It must be understood here that the 3 words integrated in the first example of spintax will be integrated in the same position in a sentence, so their meaning must be similar and their grammatical integration must be similar.

As we saw in the third example, it is also possible to create nested spins (spins of spinned parts).

The best spins are nested spins that will incorporate spin into a spin. However, the latter are more complex to write since all the sentence variants must have a meaning when the spuns are generated (we speak of “pulling” a spin). On the other hand, unlike simple spins, nested spins allow, when well optimized, to create hundreds or even thousands of unique texts.

What are the best tools for editing Spintax?

content spinning spinrewriter tool

To edit spintax, you can either use code editor software or directly a content spinning tool.

Here is a selection of some useful tools for editing spintax:

Which online spintax generator to use?

online spintax generator
Online spintax generator

If you have a list of synonym keywords and want to generate the associated spintax in a few clicks, the quickest way is to use a online spintax generator tool.

There are several that are all free, effective and accessible online.

To generate simple spintax without having to capitalize the first word, you can use the WM Tools spintax generator.

uppercase spintax generator
Online spintax generator with capital letters

If you want to write spintax for titles of articles, products or sub-parts of content, you can use the site which offers the option of capitalizing the first letters. The only drawback of this tool is that it will capitalize each word added to the list before generating the spintax, so it is rather recommended to write its variant titles directly with the capital letter on the first word and then to then use the classic spintax generator if you don’t want to have a capital letter on each word.

Spintax: 3 concrete use cases on a website

When you want to optimize the SEO of a website with thousands of pages that are quite similar in format, there are two approaches:

  • write unique texts for each page;
  • carry out a master spin to generate texts for all the pages by integrating variables that will be replaced dynamically.

As you will have understood, the spintax is only used in the second case.

Here are 3 concrete examples in which the use of spins and master spins can be relevant:

  1. Generate SEO text above and below the fold on thousands of website categories (or indexed search results pages as part of a (very trendy in 2022) searchdexing strategy).
  2. The generation of non-duplicate meta descriptions on thousands of pages.
  3. Generating non-duplicate bulk text for similar pages incorporating local variations as part of a local SEO strategy.

Many other use cases are of course possible (you can even use the spintax as part of an A/B testing strategy for email prospecting, for example).

What are the risks of writing in spintax?

When writing a text with spintax, the main risks are:

  1. To generate texts with grammatical errors or agreements;
  2. Generate text variants that make little sense;
  3. To generate texts that seem written in an unnatural language.

That said, the best spins are almost undetectable for readers and search engines like Google.

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