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LinkedIn can be an excellent tool for selling products or services. This process of selling through social networks is actually called Social Selling. LinkedIn lends itself perfectly to this and the latter even launched Sales Solutions several years ago. It is a set of Social Selling tools that rely on our contact databases within the network. The Social Selling Index or SSI score is one of them and it is accessible to everyone. Find out what your SSI is and how to use it to optimize your presence on LinkedIn!

What is the LinkedIn SSI? Definition

First of all, this is the question that everyone asks, the SSI score, what is it? It is simply an indicator that LinkedIn gives you, to judge the effectiveness of your actions on the network. Concretely, LinkedIn grades you on the way you use the network. The higher your score, the more chance you have, according to them, of “imposing your personal brand”, “finding the right people”, “communicating the right information” or “building good relations”.

How is the displayed score calculated?

The score that you will be able to see displayed on your screen is calculated on the basis of 4 pillars, which have a lot of influence in Social Selling:

  • Establish your personal brand
    You don’t need to be a LinkedIn or Social Selling expert to realize that the Personal Branding today has an important place on this network. Develop its brand image around its personality, its values, it is an effective, meaningful and very natural way to promote one’s products or services. Obviously, the Social Selling Index algorithm is sensitive to this, since it will greatly help you to engage and convert on the network.
  • Find the right people
    This is a fairly central notion of LinkedIn: the network. Basically, one of LinkedIn’s objectives is also to develop your professional network in quantity of course, but also in quality. The SSI score algorithm is rather attentive to the people you will add, depending on your area of ​​expertise. If you only have accounting experts in your network when you are a landscaper, it doesn’t really make sense. LinkedIn also offers a very advanced search engine to allow you to find precisely the people you are looking for, whether they are prospects or not.
  • Exchange information
    On LinkedIn, it’s not just about developing your personal brand and having the right people in your network. Must also be as relevant as possible, with quality, original posts, in order to involve your audience.
  • Building relationships
    We were just talking above about finding the right people, that’s good, but you also have to bond with them. It is important to be connected with your “close friends”, but LinkedIn is also interested in circles that are a little further afield to see if you create a link there. Normally, if you respect the previous 3 points, people will have no trouble accepting your connection requests.
LinkedIn SSI calculation
LinkedIn SSI calculation

What does your Social Selling index actually do?

All this is interesting, but what is the practical interest of this score?

At first, it will serve you to boost your results. Indeed, Social Selling is a great way to improve your sales, especially if you respect the 4 pillars mentioned above. According to LinkedIn, those who optimize their ISS are 51% more likely to reach their quotas, and generate 45% more opportunities. In fact, taking actions in favor of the ISS will allow you to improve your lead generation, and therefore potentially your turnover as a result.

Afterwards, your SSI will allow you to Position yourself in relation to your competitors and your network. Indeed, it gives you indications on the ISS of the other actors of your sector of activity. For your sector and your network, you will have access to the average SSI, as well as your “Top N%” ranking. Keep in mind that everything is relative, and being in the top 1% of a network with an average SSI of 15 is not that rewarding. However, it also means that you are probably one of the opinion leaders in your field.

Then, LinkedIn allows you to process and evaluate your work in the form of scores and figures, which can be a source of challenge. You will be able to judge the evolution of your score over time, and know live if what you did was good or not. It is quite possible to link this score with business objectives if relevant.

Where can you find your SSI score?

To find your note, you just have to consult this link:

Then, all you have to do is optimize your account to be in the top 1% everywhere!

Is it free?

Of course, this indicator is 100% free and available to all LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn Social Selling Index Example
LinkedIn Social Selling Index Example

How to increase your LinkedIn Social Selling Index?

For each of the pillars that make up the Social Selling Index, there are relevant actions to take to better position yourself in the eyes of LinkedIn and find more customers.

For our first pillar, around the personal brand, we must first ensure have a top profile. A professional profile photo that looks like you, a good summary, an attractive title, highlighted content, a detailed career path, recommendations and skills validated by your peers, etc. In short, you need have a flawless image ! This also means that you have to differentiate yourself from others, in order to attract potential customers, and that you have to optimize your presence in the LinkedIn search engine.

For the second pillar, it will be necessary, as we mentioned, make maximum use of the search engine very powerful that LinkedIn puts at your disposal to find the people you need. You will be able to filter by location, position, sector of activity, or even by proximity (circle of relationships). Try to add the people who are most likely to be interested in what you offer.

In the third pillar, it is quite obvious, we must publish and share relevant information and content. In return, you will get interactions, shares, but also the trust of your readers. This is important in Social Selling.

For the last pillar, we must therefore focus on building the network. It will be important to keep a good acceptance rate, and do not hesitate to offer services directly by message when adding (subtly). For example, you can offer a free audit, premium content, etc. This is an often decisive first step which will create a real bond between you and your potential buyer. Of course, it’s not just that, you have to keep it all going over time by continuing to offer content that corresponds to the different purchase phases of the sales funnel.

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