Delays, unforeseen and controversial: the drawbacks that marked the wedding of Camila Fernández

“Yo nunca había vivido con mi papá”: Camila, la hija de Alejandro Fernández, revela cómo ha sido pasar juntos la cuarentena

The daughter of “El Potrillo” had to face many problems on her dream day

Camila Fernández and her father “El Potrillo”.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

One of the most important musical clans in Mexico He partied this weekend to celebrate the wedding of one of his next big promises.

Camila, daughter of the famous singer Alejandro Fernández and granddaughter of the legendary Vicente Fernandez, she married this Sunday in Guadalajara with Francisco Barba after an express romance that has barely lasted a year.

The day was not without unforeseen events that affected the bride’s arrival and from his father to church. Initially, they had planned to use as a vehicle a horse-drawn buggy and adorned with flowers.

However, the drivers made a mistake and did not arrive in time to pick them up; That explains why the bride arrived with the traditional delay and made a bundle of nerves.While her father, who was holding her arm, was in charge of answering her questions to the media very calmly and showing his usual kindness.

Fortunately, the float was already waiting for the exit of the religious ceremony to transport the newlyweds.

Although the ceremony could be defined as ‘intimate’ by the number of guests, in view of what would be expected from the great day of one of the five suckling pigs, the event gathered countless onlookers and paparazzi whose presence made it difficult to respect the social distancing measures that have been imposed during the crisis of coronavirus.

The fact that Camila also did not wear a mask to walk the way to the altar It has also earned him countless criticism of the Fernández for taking unnecessary risks during the current pandemic.


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