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When a new range of Apple smartphones is launched, you must always arm yourself with a little patience before having official figures. The Cupertino company generally says more when revealing its quarterly results. This does not prevent analysts and specialized companies from carrying out their own studies to see more clearly.

This is precisely the case of Samik Chatterjee, of the bank JP Morgan, who has just published an investor note devoted to consumer demand for the iPhone 13 range. It is based on a survey conducted among consumers in the United States. , UK, and China.

A very strong demand for the iPhone 13?

Overall, the results are very positive for the Apple brand. We can see that 65% of iPhone users could opt for one of the new smartphones. This decision also tickles the minds of 50% of Android phone owners.

Some of the device features that capture the interest of customers include camera, 5G, and performance. Others, like Chinese consumers, rather evoke the need to replace their old model to explain their choice. Interestingly, the iPhone 13 Pro Max seems to be of particular interest to consumers, and this is especially the case in the United States, although it is followed fairly closely by the iPhone 13 Pro.

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Even if this survey should be taken with caution, it seems to outline a trend that has already been observed recently. Thus, we mentioned last week the report of DigiTimes according to which the future of the new range of Apple looks very promising with a strong demand registered by the suppliers in Taiwan and in China. To answer it, the subcontractors give the priority of their productions to the Cupertino company rather than to its rival Samsung and to other Chinese competitors.

We should start to see more clearly when the announcement of Apple’s quarterly results on October 28. On this occasion, the company will indicate the first sales figures for the iPhone 13 range.

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