Demi Lovato’s mother reveals some details of her daughter’s relationship with Max Ehrich

Madre de Demi Lovato revela algunos detalles de la relación de su hija con Max Ehrich

Dianna De La Garza shared a post to give Max the welcome he deserves now that he is officially joining his family

Demi lovato live a dream romance with the actor Max Ehrich, to the point that the couple will get married as soon as these exceptional circumstances that the world is experiencing in a pandemic allow. On this occasion, she has been the mother of the interpreter, Dianna De La Garza, who has wanted to pronounce on the unbeatable stage in which his famous daughter is, in addition to revealing some curious detail about the media relationship.

As it is clear from the messages that she has published both on Twitter and Instagram, Dianna could not be more delighted to have the young interpreter as a son-in-law, since she has defined him as a man attentive, loving eideal”To share the rest of his days with the former Disney star. His publication has also served to offer Max the welcome he deserves now that he is officially joining his family.

The matriarch has also assured that, just a few days after the couple started dating, Demi made it very clear that Max was undoubtedly the man of her life and that she only contemplated a future with him as husband and wife.

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Welcome to our crazy and loving family. Demi said to me just a few days after I met you, ‘I’m going to marry this man, Mom!’ You are the ideal person for it and could not be happier for you. Congratulations to both of you!“Reads the text that he has shared with all his followers but has specifically addressed the artist. “I am on a cloud, very excited about it. I love you!“Replied the 29-year-old.


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