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Democratic Representative Jason Powell introduces a bill so that the state of Tennessee can invest in cryptocurrencies - DiarioBitcoin For Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The bill introduced by Powell seeks to make Tennessee a much more friendly state with respect to digital currencies, which is attractive to companies and industries in this sector.


Jason Powell, representative for the Democratic Party of Tennessee in the USA, introduced before the House of Representatives local a bill so that the state and other surrounding municipalities have full power to invest in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and digital collectibles (NFT).

Bill for the state of Tennessee to invest in cryptocurrencies

The bill in question identified under number 2644registered before the Tennessee House of Representatives on February 2, aims to authorize a county, municipality or state to invest in cryptocurrencies, including products and services supported by technology blockchain. The initiative was assigned to Subcommittee on Finance, Ways and Means of the legislative institution yesterday, where it will now remain for analysis, consideration and debate among the members of the team.

According to information published by various media, the aforementioned bill was also accompanied that same day by another identified under number 2643, which proposed the creation of a Study Committee on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. In this regard it reads:

“[El comité está pensado] to help determine how to make Tennessee the most innovative and business-friendly state associated with cryptocurrencies and Blockchain…and foster a positive economic environment for these sectors.”

In relation to the designated committee, it plans to meet at least once a month to make the respective analysis, and said meetings will have the participation of the commissioner of commerce and insurance or his designee; the commissioner of financial institutions or his designee; a representative with experience or knowledge in cryptocurrency, from an academic institution, appointed by the president; a representative of a financial institution, appointed by the president of the House of Representatives; and a representative with experience in federal securities laws, appointed by the president of the Chamber of Senators.

Legislation advances in the US

Everything seems to indicate that this year will be especially important in regulatory matters for the US, since some rumors indicate that a federal initiative promoted by it is possibly underway White House, while several states advance at a more local level to enable laws that regulate in some way the use and trade of digital currencies in said jurisdictions.

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Refering to White House, The initiative is led by the administration of US President Joe Biden, which plans to publish an executive order directed at the main federal agencies to work on the regulation of digital assets such as Bitcoin, to which he will apparently assign national security priority.

Among the local legislations, the case of the senator of the state of Arizona, Wendy Rogers, who presented a proposal numbered under SB1341which would seek to amend the Revised Statutes to include Bitcoin as a form of legal tender.

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