Design change for the sixth-generation iPad Pro

iPad Pro

In the first half, which we have just started, Apple should present its new iPhone SE. But it is probably also during this period that we will be able to discover a new tablet. It would be, without much surprise, the iPad Pro, not yet available in 15 inches (for that, we will have to wait) but still in 11 and 12.9 inches.

One of the main rumors about him concerns the wireless charging. This has indeed been waiting for many years now on the iPads, but there would have been a small problem during the design…

A new material

In fact, to take advantage of induction, you need glass. However, as you probably know, the back of the iPad is aluminum. A material that is certainly friable and not necessarily resistant to shocks, but which is still much more so than a simple window. So what solution? This seems to be in the logo apple-shaped, also at the back.

Apple would have decided to enlarge it and print it in glass, in order to limit possible damage in the event of a fall. This should also give a “premium” aspect to the new iPad Pro, which will then allow them to be distinguished from previous editions as Cupertino likes to do.

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The charger would be magnetic

Logically, as reported 9to5Mac which however does not specify its sources, the power supply interface will also have to be different. She would then move on to the connection MagSafe, which can already be found on the iPhone 12, on the iPhone 13 but also on the last two MacBook Pros which arrived on the market at the end of 2021.

Your old accessory, meanwhile, may no longer work…

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9" 128 GB

Apple iPad Pro 4 12.9″ 128GB

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