Developers are (already) looking to bend the rules

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This is one of the biggest innovations of iOS 14. Much less visible than Widgets on the home screen, the implementation of clear and strict rules on advertising trekking on Apple products is cause for concern for some people. . Among them, Mark Zuckerberg, the creator and boss of Facebook has displayed his dissatisfaction with this measure by Apple in the full page of many American newspapers.

But let Zuckerberg be reassured, he is not the only one to be against this new advance in Apple’s privacy policy. According to a Financial Times report, many developers are already looking for workarounds so they don’t have to ask users for permission to track them down. Indeed, this update from Apple will undermine a whole section of the digital economy. Today, a social network like Facebook lives on the tracking and personal data of its users, if this tap is turned off, GAFA’s F could well die of thirst in the coming years.

A risk to take to survive?

According to the Financial Times, the video game market is also very affected by this announcement. The Apple wants to close there too, their first source of income. A developer told the newspaper that “everyone was going to try whether Apple applies its rules or not”.

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Because for the moment, this new privacy policy is only a promise made by Apple to its users. The first beta versions were released recently, and the fear of seeing the next iOS update integrate this novelty in a “mainstream” way hovers above many.

If several solutions seem to exist to continue tracing, these could be very expensive for the companies using them. Apple has warned that the Cupertino company will not hesitate to ban any application if it does not respect the rules, from the small independent mobile game to the big Facebook, all are concerned by the threats of the Apple.

Apple increasingly tough on privacy issues

In recent years, the latter has clearly tightened the screw around the issue of personal data. Another advance made recently by Apple, the arrival of confidentiality labels. Present on the App Store, the latter must inform users as well as possible about the data they give to the application by downloading it. For certain types of applications, these lists can range from single, or double or even triple depending on the developers chosen. Messenger has recently been pinned down for using nearly a hundred different personal data. – Official app

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