Developers can test tvOS 15.3 and watchOS 8.4 (beta 2)

watchOS 6.2

tvOS 15.3 beta 2

For the past few hours, Apple’s developer program has been offering a version 15.3 for tvOS, available in a second beta which succeeds the one that arrived last December. Unfortunately, like the latter, no functionality doesn’t seem to have been added here. However, it is not uncommon to see Apple ignore certain changes, which may therefore be revealed in the coming days.

Note: for the moment only app creators can try this version. If this is not your case, you will have to go through a friend or wait a few more days.

Of course it is also possible that some technical issues which are not yet resolved are present in tvOS 15.3 beta 2; so avoid trying it on the box of the whole family at the risk of spoiling your next streaming session.

watchOS 8.4 beta 2

Unsurprisingly given that iOS and iPadOS were entitled to similar updates deployed at the same time, watchOS 8.4 is also going to beta 2. Again, we did not spot any significant improvement, a sign that only bugs have probably been fixed.

To download watchOS 8.4 beta 2 on your Apple Watch, you must therefore first be part of the developer program then follow these steps after installing the corresponding profile.

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– Official App

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