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In a press release Apple announced that it would give additional time to developers and publishers present on the App Store. Indeed, the latter have nearly 6 months, until June 30, to comply with the rules of the App Store, in particular clause 3.1.1.

Apple has indeed given additional time to developers to come and comply with two important rules of the App Store. The first, called clause 3.1.1, consists of the obligation for services and applications that charge group rates to do so through Apple’s in-app purchase systems.

Apple will always have more commissions

A rule that greatly helps the Apple, the latter recovering de facto a commission on all transactions, which was not the case at the moment. Apple also recalls that individual services such as personal lessons, apartment visits or even individual sports lessons are not affected by this new clause in the App Store regulations.

The other rule that has been talked about a lot since its announcement is that of deleting an account directly from the application. Presented by Tim Cook at the last WWDC, this rule should allow users to delete their accounts directly from the application that asked them to create one, and all as simply and easily as for creation.

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Deleting an account has never been easier

Apple is trying to make life easier for its users, by allowing them to easily delete their accounts. The idea is also to make this deletion permanent. Most often the applications offer you to disconnect or to put your account “on hold”.

A common practice which makes it possible to recover his profile as soon as the user is back on the application, but which also allows the publisher of the latter to keep the personal data he has collected on a person during his use.

With this new rule, Apple is (again) making enemies within the tech world, again putting data privacy and privacy above all marketing principles.

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