Develops severe tumor in the jaw from not going to the dentist for 27 years

Develops severe tumor in the jaw from not going to the dentist for 27 years

He was afraid to go to the dental office; never imagined that this would have serious and terrible consequences

An x-ray showed a black shadow on his jaw indicating the tumor.

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Darren Wilkinson, a 51-year-old man who had not visited the dentist in more than two decades, He was diagnosed with ameloblastoma, finding a fist-sized tumor in his jaw. Now Darren is unable to speak, eat, or drink after losing 90% of his jaw.

“I was so scared of the dentist that I hadn’t been in 27 years. He had an x-ray showing a massive shadow, a black hole in the middle of the face and the dentist said he had never seen anything like this before, “he explains to the Daily Mail his wife Mel, who lives alongside the man in Sheffield, England.

Posted by Darren Wilkinson on Thursday, April 23, 2020

After the dentist found the troubling shadow on the radiograph, Darren was referred as a non-urgent case to Charles Clifford Dental Hospital in Sheffield. After two biopsies, it was confirmed that it was a ‘large, locally aggressive tumor’ called ameloblastoma that should be removed as soon as possible.

In April they performed an operation to remove 90% of the lower jaw and insert titanium plates. However, a week later, Darren had to be rushed for surgery after developing sepsis, and ended up having to undergo 6 other operations due to complications and infections.

“I left him in the hospital and walked away, it was the longest and most desolate day of my life. He was so ill that he said he could “feel all the organs in his body shut down.” Now when I look into his mouth, I can clearly see the exposed metal plates, wires, and dead bone. She cannot eat or drink, and her tongue swelled so much that she can hardly breathe. “ Mel narrates.

Posted by Darren Wilkinson on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Now, the specialists’ idea is for Darren to have a transplant of the bones in his lower leg to try to rebuild the jaw, Online support groups have also been established to help people facing similar diagnoses, and has gone to great lengths to raise awareness of little-known tumors while raising money for the Bone Cancer Research Trust.


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