Did Apple openly lied to the US authorities?

Chut silence secret

Even as we’ve just learned that Apple management claims to encourage disclosure of internal incidents for the sake of transparency, a new revelation appears to prove otherwise. Dear Scarlett, who left the company after alerting public opinion about discrimination within it, has indeed presented a confidentiality contract where the Apple tries to “silence” the dissidents.

This, intended for the former employee, required her in particular not to detail the real reasons for her departure from the company: a “hostile work environment”Where her colleagues urged her out the door, according to her own words. Of course the interested party will not have signed, preferring to unveil the doldrums to justice in order to put a stop to Apple’s arguments.

The SEC could crack down

Because even beyond the memo intended for its teams, it is in front of the American equivalent of the Financial Markets Authority that Apple had assured never to force its employees to silence. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which now has the document shared by Scarlett and clearly evoking the opposite, therefore now has all the keys in hand to call back Apple.

Civil parties and institutions are not the only ones involved, since a committed investment fund has also chosen to lead the dance in this direction. Nia Impact Capital, whose real scope in terms of the number of AAPL shares held is still unclear, thus supports the #AppleToo movement for better social justice. Is this group also involved in the just announced standalone iPhone repair program? Mystery.

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No follow-up for the moment

The officials have not yet made a decision, only a reaction from the judge in charge of the case should guide its future. The date of the next hearings being near, an outcome at this level could however take place in the coming weeks. However, with regard to the lawsuits against the Apple following dismissals considered to be unfair, nothing is less certain.

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