Did Belinda undergo a new cosmetic surgery?

Did Belinda undergo a new cosmetic surgery?

Belinda has become the center of attention on social networks, but this time it was not because of something related to her ex-fiancé, Christian Nodal, but because the protagonist of the new Netflix series, Welcome to Eden, sparked rumors of a new aesthetic ‘fix’.

And it is that a few days ago the singer also shared an image through her Instagram account in which she poses with a Versace jacket, which is placed around her shoulders and leaves it very close to the beginning of her neckline. This was precisely what sparked speculation about a possible operation.

The singer’s fans began to suggest that she may have decided to get a breast augmentation. Others indicated that this change may be due to the pose of the photo and not because it went through the plate of a plastic surgeon, although yes, the image was quickly filled with praise from the “Belifans”, who assured that it looks better never.

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