Did bitcoin.com die? Roger Ver’s mining pool has been idle for almost 250 days

Did bitcoin.com die?  Roger Ver's mining pool has been idle for almost 250 days

Key facts:
  • Since 2016, bitcoin.com had a limited but constant hash rate.

  • At present, its processing power has dropped but has not completely disappeared yet.

Bitcoin.com, one of the traditional mining pools on the Bitcoin network, has not mined a block since July 2021. This pool, founded by Roger Ver, is not one of the most powerful, but it is among the oldest, with operations since 2016.

The curious fact was highlighted by the Twitter user @denverbitcoin through a publication on the social network. In the message, this person shares a screenshot that, presumably, would be of the pool interface, which no longer allows new registrations.

The image shown in the tweet details that Bitcoin.com servers would be unavailable as of July 14 and “for an indefinite period of time”. To continue mining, it was suggested at that time to direct the hash rate to an active pool.

Beyond being one of the most recognized bitcoin mining pools, especially for its age, Bitcoin.com didn’t stand out for its processing power. As can be seen in the following graph of the explorer from btc.com, their hash rate is miniscule compared to the biggest pools on the timeline in recent years.

For example, if you compare it to AntPool, which currently has a hash rate of almost 27,000 PH / s in, the differences are obvious.

Did bitcoin.com die? Roger Ver's mining pool has been idle for almost 250 days
Mining pools like AntPool, Foundry USA, and SlushPool have much more processing than Bitcoin.com. Source: explorer.btc.com.

Likewise, if only the evolution of the Roger Ver pool is taken into account during 2021, it can be observed that the processing power falls abruptly on July 15, one day after the pool was disabled. However, the curious thing is that the values ​​do not drop to zero, but to 0.73 PH / s.

Did bitcoin.com die? Roger Ver's mining pool has been idle for almost 250 days
The processing power of bitcoin.com has dropped, but not to zero. Source: explorer.btc.com.

Roger Ver, the founder, president and main reference of Bitcoin.com, has manifested himself for years as a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) enthusiast, as CriptoNoticias has reported. Ver considers that this cryptocurrency, which emerged after the hard fork of August 2017, is the one that best represents the scalability potential that will lead the cryptocurrency to replace traditional financial systems.

Why does Bitcoin.com stop mining?

While the statistics clearly reflect the almost complete stoppage of Bitcoin.com mining activities, the triggers for this are unclear.

The first thing you might think is that China’s mining ban – reported by CryptoNews in May – has something to do with it. However, this does not seem too likely, given that the pool could have remained active from miners based in other countries, or even operating from the Asian giant.

This gives rise to the theory that the closure of the pool could be linked to its low power compared to others. For that reason, miners could choose to join a pool that guarantees more operations and therefore more rewards.

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