Did Eiza González and Jason Momoa get back together?

Did Eiza González and Jason Momoa get back together?

After strong rumors indicating that the romance between Eiza González and Jason Momoa had ended (just a few weeks after starting), now it seems that the actors gave themselves a new opportunity as they were seen riding a motorcycle through the streets of Malibu, California.

The protagonist of Ambulance and the figure of Aquaman enjoyed the sun on the spectacular Harley Davidson that belongs to the artist and could not avoid being photographed by the press. The Mexican was, at all times, covering her head with a helmet and hugging hers in love with her, which shows that they both enjoy a great present.

Eiza and Jason would have met at a public event and the attraction was instant. However, as published by People magazine not long ago, a source close to them assured the media that the romance was short-lived since “they are just two very different people”.

But that same source assured at that time that González and Momoa “They love so much each other” and this could be the reason why they decided to get back together. The truth is that until now, neither of them spoke to the press or on their networks about their love story.

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