Did you miss the Suzuki Hayabusa? Well it could be back this year …

Did you miss the Suzuki Hayabusa? Well it could be back this year ...

After almost 20 years in the market, Suzuki announced at the end of 2018 the end of Hayabusa, which was a jug of cold water for motorcycle fans. However, today the Japanese company brings us good news, as its latest video-teaser reveals that once one of the fastest production motorcycles on the planet could be back.

Apparently we will meet a new superbike from the manufacturer next February 5, 2021 And although the model name has not been confirmed, there is no reason to think that Suzuki is not going to rescue a name as legendary as that of the Hayabusa. Whatever its name, what is clear is that it will come with interesting aesthetic and mechanical novelties.

Could be expected a complete redesign of the Hayabusa, including more technology and, of course, equipment; as well as an efficient mechanic that allows it to comply with the strict Euro 5 emission regulations that a couple of years ago ended it in the European market – and in 2020 also in the US market.

With more or less profound changes, what is clear is that the Suzuki Hayabusa will remain true to its heritage. The truth is that teaser It doesn’t show much, but it does show enough to whet your appetite: the needle on the analog speedometer reaches 290 km / h. Next week we will leave doubts ..

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