Didn’t want to be monitored by Apple? Europe will take care of it

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Last year, Apple wanted to deploy a feature in the background of iOS responsible for scanning the contents of yet encrypted files stored on iCloud. Objective: to identify possible traces ofchild sexual abuse, in order to postpone and delete them so that they are not viewed or shared further. A solution very quickly decried.

Indeed, many then stepped up to the plate explaining that letting Cupertino act in this way was the door open to all kinds of excesses. It must be said that the giant already provides private information to the police when asked, often for terrorism cases. However, no one is safe from an overzealous government that uses this scheme to control its own citizens at all costs. It was enough for Apple to finally choose to pause the development of its novelty.

Espionage in order

Unfortunately, it seems that this change in strategy is not to everyone’s liking. A new text of law is thus being studied at the moment at the European Commission and aims precisely to endorse a regular analysis of private data to fight against child violence. This is not the first time that we have heard of it: already last year, human rights defenders were worried that our leaders were looking into the matter.

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This maneuver, the officials nevertheless try to justify it with shock figures: at least one child in five is the victim of sexual violence, especially online. In a situation of physical or motor disability, the statistics would be even more eloquent with 68% of girls at risk against 30% for boys.

iOS has all the necessary tools

Putting these new measures in place should take some time for Europe anyway. But in the meantime, iOS in fact already has its surveillance arsenal, ironically also criticized by the Old Continent because it allows itself to collect data in order to better promote Apple’s products and services.

Otherwise, in the most extreme cases, we also know that the use of spyware Pegasus is legion in a few states with little regard for security.

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