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Diego Luna confronted his ignorance in ‘Pan y Circo’ and was transformed


- Advertisment -Diego Luna confronted his ignorance in 'Pan y Circo' and was transformed

New Amazon Prime Video series helped actor open eyes on sensitive topics

Diego Luna He is one of the most internationally recognized Mexican figures. Her recent works include “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “Narcos: Mexico.” Now the actor and activist comes with “Bread and Circus”Where he will put on the table social issues that are usually uncomfortable.

At the same time, Luna travels through the rich lands of Mexico and gives chefs the opportunity to expose typical dishes of the region. The mix of food that makes us such a diverse culture and a conversation between friends talking about strong topics, is the ideal combination for the new Amazon Prime Video program.

We were able to talk to Luna to tell us a little about her experience doing this experiment that will be available from August 7 on the streaming platform.

“I love to cook and it has always been one of the things I enjoy doing the most,” Luna told us about how the idea for this program came about. “The people who cook in Mexico today are, without a doubt, a very important cultural expression.”

The part of touching political and social issues also arises from an interest of the actor due to the “political temperature and the polarization that we have witnessed in Mexico and the whole world”.

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“Pan y Circo” gives rise to the possibility of “debating but with respect and feeding our point of view with that of others [personas]… Questioning ourselves instead of disqualifying ourselves ”has been for Diego an“ indispensable exercise as a society ”.

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“Today we live where ‘they are against us’, and that way of thinking I think does a lot of damage to our daily relationship with our neighbor, our neighbor, our friend, our family member …”, he added.

Diego Luna in ‘Pan y Circo’ / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

As a society, sometimes we find it difficult to talk about sensitive issues because we don’t want to bother and “Pan y Circo” shows us that you can have conversations but without having to go to offenses.

“We have a hard time understanding that we don’t have to think alike to find matches,” he continued. “It may be that we do not think alike or that we do not have the same political position, but there are issues on which we can agree. Searching for those matches is what it’s all about. Reconciling our differences is also important in order to move forward as a society. ”

Topics that are touched throughout the series are politics, racism, gender violence, among many more.

“I learned a lot of things about myself. This program ended up confronting me with my own ignorance, “Luna confessed. “Of many subjects I sat at the table thinking that I knew a lot and as the talk progressed I realized how much I ignore or how much I decided to ignore. It is a program that transformed me and managed to make me reflect on issues that are transcendental ”.

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Diego told us that it was when the issue of gender violence was touched upon he realized “how we participate daily in our daily lives of small violence that end up paying for femicide to exist”.

“It is brutal to realize how you are part of that network,” he added.

Diego Luna in 'Pan y Circo' from Amazon Prime Video.
Diego Luna in ‘Pan y Circo’ / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

In each episode different dishes are presented with the interpretations of the invited chefs. Cooking lover Luna took tips during the recordings of the show and has been inspired to do it at home.

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“Everything is an author’s interpretation. A chef or a chef takes elements that you know and take them to another level. I remember Alexander’s pipian … I came to my house and I did it. The mole of chicatana that Enrique made a week I cooked it in my house … I tried to emulate it and they are unique experiences that stayed with me, “concluded Luna.

“Pan y Circo” will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting August 7.

Diego Luna in 'Pan y Circo' from Amazon Prime Video.
Diego Luna in ‘Pan y Circo’ / Photo: Amazon Prime Video



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- Advertisement -Diego Luna confronted his ignorance in 'Pan y Circo' and was transformedDiego Luna confronted his ignorance in 'Pan y Circo' and was transformed

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- Advertisement -Diego Luna confronted his ignorance in 'Pan y Circo' and was transformedDiego Luna confronted his ignorance in 'Pan y Circo' and was transformed

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