Diet and exercise, its impact on health

Exercising alone or eating a healthy diet alone is not enough to prevent chronic cardiovascular disease or some types of cancer.

It is the combination of both, which really reduces the risk of suffering from these diseases.

Many people know that both exercise and eating well are fundamental pillars for health.

Just as a balanced and healthy diet does not necessarily prevent the negative effects of having sedentary habits.

Previous studies have found that in the short term, strenuous exercise can counteract the effects of overeating.

However, in the long term, exercising even at a high intensity if you eat in excess could have a negative impact on your health.

Long-term research of eating a healthy diet and exercising at the same time

A study published in July 2022 by the journal British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that even if you work hard in the gym it does not counteract the consequences of consuming fatty foods.

This scientific study with international researchers did consider the long-term effects for a decade of a sample of 350,000 participants from the United Kingdom aged 57 on average, based on information from a health database and clinical data.

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At the beginning of the study, the participants were determined to be in good health, without being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, cancer or chronic pain.

Their diet was assessed using food frequency questionnaires, in which they were found to have high-quality diets with consumption of at least 4.5 cups of fruits and vegetables per day, 2 or more servings of fish per week, and less than 2 servings of processed meats per week and no more than 5 servings of red meat per week.

The study did not measure the consumption of certain products such as soda or soft drinks and desserts.

The researchers measured physical activity levels using detailed questionnaires in which light or moderate physical activity was reported and quantified. Like total minutes of walking, bicycling, strength and endurance exercises. As well as intense physical activity in periods greater than 10 minutes.

Impact of exercise and diet on health

This study is of vital importance as it is the first to examine the impact of the combination of exercise and a good diet on cardiovascular health, general mortality and specific fatal diseases, such as cancer.

It is not surprising to find that some people had both higher levels of physical activity and better diet quality and had lower mortality risks.

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In general, levels of physical activity were associated with a lower risk of mortality. However, those who engaged in strenuous or vigorous exercise had a lower risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease.

Even high-intensity exercise sessions of 10 to 75 minutes per week can make a difference in results.

Important findings about diet and exercise at the same time

It is the combination of performing physical activity on a regular basis and at the same time having a healthy diet, which reduces the risk of presenting some diseases.

Any amount of exercise per day counts and has a protective effect, however it is not enough to exercise, a balanced and complete diet is necessary to maintain health.

Cardiovascular health

Both diet and regular physical activity are essential for cardiovascular health, among other variables. That is why it is important to carry out preventive clinical analyzes periodically to take action as soon as any deviation in the results is detected.

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Intense exercise, although beneficial, should always be combined with following a healthy diet and consuming adequate portions of food.

As well as following other important measures such as: restrict smoking, if alcoholic beverages are drunk only sporadically and in moderation, limit consumption to one drink for women and two for men.

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Some people may have a sudden myocardial infarction despite regular exercise if they do not maintain good eating habits. Or on the contrary, if you only have a good diet but you are sedentary, it affects cardiovascular health.

Wise combination: diet and exercise

Although we know it, it is not enough, you have to act and practice daily. Start today by changing your eating and exercise habits.

MiDieta offers you the key to start. gives you a detailed report of your eating and exercise habits. Being aware of which habits you should change and provides you with weekly menus considering energy recommendations according to your weight, height and physical activity.

In addition to an exercise calculator where you can know your caloric expenditure by time of each activity.

You will be able to obtain a personalized eating plan, and gradually adjust your exercise routine.

Remember to be constant for a lifestyle change. Not only maintain a “diet” from Monday to Friday and the weekend overflow with excess food and drink.

Day by day, improve your eating and exercise habits. And remember that it is the combination of both that will allow you to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer.

Source: BMJ Journals, MDPI Journalnals.

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