The different ways to eat French Fries

Different Ways To Eat French Fries

Few foods that just thinking about them, like French fries, make our mouths water. But, of course, they have to be fresh, crispy, and soft on the inside so that they taste ‘glorious’.

At the American continent, We eat them our whole life, Spanish style, homemade, cut by hand and fried in hot oil (although this happens less every day), in the style fast food or prepared in its precooked and frozen version. A temptation like few others!

Who invented French Fries?

It was 1536 and the Spanish conquerors discovered the potato (potato) in Peru and they took it to Europe, where the Basque sailors cultivated and ate them in Biscay. Later, Sir Walter Raleigh moved them to Ireland in 1589, where they were cultivated in large areas of land. And 40 years later they met in other parts of Europe! In France and Belgium, the chips or pommes frites they are national treasures. It is said that they became popular there in the 16th century as part of the daily diet.

There is a dispute, as the Belgians claim that it was they who created them, however, France claims your invention. The Belgians claim that in 1680, in the area of ​​the Flanders of Spain (now Belgium), the inhabitants fried small fish and pieces of potatoes that they cut into fish to increase the quantity and thus deceive the diners since it was a ‘poor’ meal.

The different ways to eat French Fries

And why do we call them french fries? American and British soldiers ate them in Belgium During the First World War in 1917 and since the Belgians spoke French, they were baptized “French fries” by mistake. Do they imagine?

Different Cuts

The cuts in Spain are thicker or in round sheets, like chips; the secret is to fry them in olive oil and add a lot of salt. Straw potatoes are thin and thin, 2mm thick, style julienne french. The noissette, round and small, and split with a special spoon. The allumettes, thin strips 6 cm long and 5 mm thick, and the rissolée They are in 1 cm cubes and fried.

The different ways to eat French Fries

How To Mix French Fries?

Europe, for their part, they are sold in street kiosks in paper cones, with a plastic fork and various sauces, from the traditional tomato or mayonnaise to other more interesting ones, such as andalouse, samurai, and joppiesaus (a mixture of ketchup and mustard). In the U.S with ketchup and in the UK with vinegar! If you want to eat them without fat, bake them until they are golden brown and crisp.

The different ways to eat French Fries

TIP … A mandolin and its different blades allow us to adjust the style and size of the potatoes; it is ideal for slicing.

The different ways to eat French Fries

TIP… An emblematic dish in Spain, a specialty of Lucio House in Madrid, are the broken eggs, fried in pieces, and served with french fries.


The UK calls them chips; in France, frites; in Holland, frieten; in Belgium, pommes frites or friet; in U.S, french fries; in Spain, French fries, and in Latin America, French fries …

The different ways to eat French Fries
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