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Plan de relance numérique, comment ça marche ?

Once again confined, the measures concerning the digital recovery plan have accelerated!

This program, dear to the State, has been granted a budget of € 7 billion. This digital recovery plan is essential to facilitate access to online communication technologies to all French companies. Today, let’s take a look at this program and the benefits it brings to your business.

The digital recovery plan, an aid for French companies

With a global recovery plan of around 100 billion € uros, the French State wishes revive the majority of its industries. In this budget, is included a bonus of 7 billion euros exclusively reserved for the establishment of companies on the Internet.

If a large part of this sum is dedicated to new French technologies, the rest of the total amount is divided between digital transformations of SMEs, installation of faster web solutions, and training in digital professions.
The aim of this relaunch is of course to give French companies the weapons needed to counter the GAFA.

Indeed, American companies are still growing faster than our French companies. For example, Apple alone has a market capitalization greater than the CAC 40 itself. The zoom service, meanwhile, saw its sales increase by 360%.

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All these market shares going abroad are so many missed opportunities for our companies. It is with this in mind that the State has implemented its digital recovery plan.

One action plan, three mechanisms

To implement its digital recovery plan, the government is counting on the application of three distinct devices. Thus, thanks to this method, all companies are eligible. Among these devices, we find:

  • Awareness raising and support for VSEs in all sectors towards the digitization of their offers.
  • An audit and support for SMEs already having a digital footprint. In addition to this audit, companies take advantage of artificial intelligence solutions to modernize and improve their production facilities.
  • Support for all SMEs in the industrial sector wishing to make significant investments in digital technologies. This assistance is provided in the form of a grant.

If most of the actions are implemented by the government service France Num, you can also go directly through our web marketing agency to register your business on the Internet.

A state device to improve your online presence

The device installed by France Num offers businesses collective support provided by regional web companies. These companies provide you with concrete digitalization solutions.

By creating a website, managing your online stock or even improved SEO, you can take advantage of the tools offered by the Internet to surpass your competitors.

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Business digitization is the key strategic point in the stimulus plan designed by the government. Indeed, following a bad experience, many companies do not dare to develop on the web.

As a result, in France, VSEs and SMEs have very little presence on the Internet. According to the last census, our country has very poor results in terms of the digital establishment of its companies:

  • VSEs with less than 10 employees are only 34% to have gone digital
  • France is ranked 15th in the European Union for the establishment of these companies on the Internet.

It is therefore necessary to support French entrepreneurs financially so that they can develop effectively on the Internet.

How does the digital recovery plan work?

Following the announcements of the creation of a digital recovery plan, the regions have organized themselves to make specific financing aid available to businesses. In the Oise, the ARC (the Agglomeration of the Region of Compiègne), the com2com of the Plaine d’Estrées, the CCLO and the com2com des Deux Vallées are mobilizing and supporting you with a recovery plan!

This plan is established in three points. Depending on the profile of the applicant, the company can benefit from:

  • Relief fund to respond to the emergency
  • A zero rate loan
  • An audit grant
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The relief fund is a grant of € 1,500 which is paid to companies with less than 10 employees experiencing a closure of their establishment.

An additional grant of 1000 € can also help with the digital transition of each company.

A zero-rate loan for companies in difficulty for a loan of up to € 15,000. This amount can be repaid over a period of 60 months.

Finally, to optimize the various websites already in operation, the granting of a subsidy facilitating access to an audit. In fact, the ARC finances up to 70% of the cost of the service.

All the information on this subject can be found on the website of the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery.

What configuration to receive this help?

To benefit from this aid, the company must be declared a VSE or SME. And to have less than 50 employees and have three years of legal existence.

You want to benefit from this digital stimulus plan!

Contact us!

Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions and take charge of your project so that the digital transition of your company goes as smoothly as possible.

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