Discord CEO reveals possible plans to integrate the service with the Ethereum network

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Discord CEO reveals possible plans to integrate the service with the Ethereum network By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

According to a screenshot shared by the CEO of Discord, there will be options to link the platform with the network Ethereum, even opening the possibility of using wallets such as MetaMask.


The application for computers and mobile devices through which users can interact with like-minded groups and communities, Discord, apparently has plans to incorporate Ethereum within your platform.

Ethereum and Discord?

This is how the CEO of Discord, Jason Citron, who posted an image on his Twitter account referring to this fact, in what appears to be a screenshot showing how to link the chat application with the digital currency.

As can be seen in the image, the connection between Discord and the network of Ethereum It looks like a property that might be available soon, perhaps in a later update. It is also appreciated that it will be possible to connect to the application both MetaMask What WalletConnect, and possibly other wallets that support this type of connection.

The answer came in response to the newsletter presented by Packy McCormick, in which he referred precisely to Discord as a potentially good platform for Web3. Here Citron shared the capture in question, sowing expectation on his followers in relation to a possible arrival of Ethereum service.

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Certain concerns

Although this announcement generated many positive reactions, it also generated doubts and concerns among some users, especially due to the large number of scams and phishing attempts that proliferate in many of the communities that make life in Discord.

In relation to this, Citron clarified that they work hard to block the way to bad actors and commented:

“Spam and security are a priority for us in this space. We have recently created a team that works on it specifically. We will offer more information soon ”.

While the integration with Ethereum seems to be in plans, at the moment neither Citron nor members of the Discord They have offered more information about it, so it is not known when these new properties will be available to users of the service.

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