discover one of the prototypes that would have been used before its release


While some companies have a hard time keeping their secrets, Apple is not one of them. In general, the Cupertino company does not talk about its future products before the official presentation. And blunders are very rare.

Nevertheless, it still happens that secret documents or even prototypes end up being published on the web. And recently, it looks like someone managed to get their hands on footage of a prototype that Apple allegedly used to develop the Apple Watch.

Photos (presumed) of a prototype circulating on the web

The Apple Demo Twitter account posted the photos, explaining that the prototype would have been wrapped in a safety shell in order to hide the design of the watch. And this one would use a pre-WatchOS 1.0 operating system. “It’s extremely amazing that something like this can still exist; without having been destroyed ”, also writes the account.

Otherwise, as this source indicates, the operating system of this prototype also included an application called Springboard zoom which allowed employees of the Cupertino company to test the animations of the home screen. It should also be noted that this prototype only had two buttons, and no crown.

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Today, Apple is the leader in connected watches. And it all started with these prototypes

In any case, since then, Apple’s connected watches have evolved enormously. This year, the Cupertino company presented two new models, the Apple Watch SE, an affordable model with all the basic features, and the Apple Watch Series 6 which includes lots of important new features, such as the oxygen sensor (in the blood).

The first Apple Watch was launched in 2017. At the time, some of Apple’s competitors were already offering connected watches. However, the Cupertino company has established itself in this market, in particular thanks to the design of the Apple Watch and the functionalities focused on health monitoring.

But little by little, Google could also improve its Wear OS ecosystem. As a reminder, the Mountain View firm currently only offers the operating system for other manufacturers, and does not sell its own watches.

However, in 2019, Google announced the acquisition of the company Fitbit, one of Apple’s smartwatch competitors. And once this acquisition gets the green lights from regulators, Google is expected to announce the finalization of this deal, which would allow it to offer Apple Watch competitors using Fitbit technologies.

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