Discover the canton of Valais in Switzerland

Discover the canton of Valais in Switzerland

There are little corners on our planet, often right next to us, which turn out to be real corners of paradise. And this is the case for the region of the canton of Valais in Switzerland. Renowned for its beautiful mountains and ski resorts, it has many other wonders for you to discover. What if we took our eyes off the Valais region in Switzerland?

The Canton of Valais in a few words

It is the canton on the other side of the border, along the Haute-Savoie (from Chamonix to Evian approximately). It is the third largest Swiss canton. Suffice to say that there is something to discover with its beautiful and varied landscapes, its pretty cities and its unusual culture. For the record, Valais is particularly known for its apricots thanks to a Mediterranean climate which allows their cultivation.

What to do in the canton of Valais in Switzerland?

Sion, the “capital” of Valais

It all started in this small town which stood out in particular for its castle and its basilica overlooking the city center. Do not miss the medieval old town, which is still very well preserved, which allows you to immerse yourself in an ancient era thanks to the almost intact facades. Get lost in the cobbled streets of Sion, discovering the stairs and small bridges of the period.

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Finally, take the opportunity to gain height towards the Château de Tourbillon: the view of the river (the Rhône), the city as well as the Alps in the background looks like a postcard. Otherwise, the castle of Valère also offers a magnificent panorama of the city.

The Tour du Val d’Hérens, a must in the canton of Valais in Switzerland

This is a beautiful hike appreciated by travelers for its extraordinary landscapes. The complete tour is planned over 5 days but it is quite possible to do only part of the way in less time. You will particularly appreciate the great variety of landscapes throughout the course. As well as the kindness and hospitality of the locals encountered throughout your journey. A real experience in the heart of Switzerland, the real one!

Altesch Glacier by Andreas-Gerth Switzerland

A breath of fresh air on the Aletsch Glacier

It is the largest glacier in Europe. And it is also one of the most accessible glaciers to be amazed. Indeed, a cable car from Moosfluh allows you to climb high enough to then descend on foot just next to the glacier. Another incredible experience to live at least once in your life. Just remember to cover up well, because although the air is warm in the valley, the glacier generates a much cooler micro-climate. Ideal for a little too hot summer newspapers!

St Leonard’s underground lake

Located 10 km from Sion, the underground lake of St Léonard is the largest underground lake in Europe on which it is possible to navigate by boat. Suffice to say that the experience is still original and exceptional. For music lovers, it is even possible to listen to an entire concert inside. Indeed, the structure of the cave makes it a natural and grandiose performance hall.

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The church of Hérémence, an unusual touch in the canton of Valais in Switzerland

Straight out of another world, the Church of Hérémence is unlike any other. You even have to stop there to realize its originality and its history. This huge reinforced concrete building is a place of life with a library, a sports hall and a multipurpose hall in addition to a parish.

But it is above all for its architecture that we come here. As much the exterior seems massive, while the interior offers a feeling of large spaces and volume. This daring construction is a tribute to the Grande Dixence dam that we mention below in the article. Do not miss the interactive sound and light tour to discover the original structures and details of the church.

The Grande Dixence dam, the emblem of the region

Said like that, it clearly does not make you dream. And yet, it is the largest dam in the world in terms of weight (15 million tonnes and 285 m high). It is a very large beast that produces around 20% of Switzerland’s energy. It can be visited from the inside with its 100 km of galleries with a passage on the outside also to better understand the power of this construction. Don’t miss the cable car ride to the top of the dam to admire the view.

The Pyramids of Euseigne

They are visible from the road that leads to the Church of Hérémence. These are natural rock formations of several meters that seem to come straight out of the heart of the mountain. They are crowned with huge rocks. This structure is due to natural erosion which creates this form of “chimney”. They are also called “Fairy Chimneys” in a more colorful style.

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Ovronnaz, the resort that offers sport and well-being

Renowned for its ski slopes at an altitude of over 1300 m, the resort of Ovronnaz is normally open until the end of April. This small family resort offers 30 km of slopes in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Families will love this atmosphere.

After a good day on the slopes, why not take advantage of the therapeutic baths at Ovronnaz in the heart of the village. On the program, heated baths with outdoor massage jets with certainly the most beautiful view of the surroundings. What to completely release the pressure.

Finally the little extra not to be missed in the new Panoramic Alpine Spa area, the steam baths which evolve according to the times of the day: color, smell and sound immerse you in a universe which calls for calm and serenity.

And you, do you know the canton of Valais in Switzerland? What are your favorites in the region? Do you have any favorite activities and tips for us to discover in this beautiful region? Give us all your info in the comments!

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