Discover the healing power of eating jelly every day

Descubre el poder curativo de comer gelatina a diario

Gelatin is not only a delicious and light dessert. It is a complete food that is related to wonderful healing benefits

Gelatin is a great ally to protect bones and tissues. Improves the appearance of the skin and promotes weight loss.

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Gelatin It’s one of the most popular and colorful desserts, it is light and refreshing. It is also considered a good ally in some weight loss diets and thanks to his protein content is a great food option when we are sick of some flu or stomach ailment.

It’s about a colorless, translucent and tasteless gel It is characterized by its immense versatility in the food industry, as it is used in a long list of products. Is a complex protein, that is a polymer composed of amino acids. In such a way that your greater nutritional property It is attributed to its high content of proteins from collagen (between 98-99%), the rest is divided into water and mineral salts.

The truth is the process to obtain the gelatin (powder from which gelatin is obtained) is quite peculiar and for some it is somewhat unpleasant, since it is a mixture of peptides and proteins produced by total or partial hydrolysis extracted from collagen of various parts of animals. Among which stand out skin, hooves, boiled and ground bones, tendons and organs of various types of cattle.

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Beyond being a great culinary ally, gelatin is associated with extraordinary benefits for health. Discover the unbeatable benefits of integrating it as part of your daily meals.

1. Healthy tissues

Gelatin It is a food with a exceptional protein content, a cup of 240 grams of gelatin contains 0.82 grams. According to the recommendations established in the Dietary Guidelines guidelines for Americans, it is recommended to consume between 46-53 grams of protein per day or they must make up the 35% of total calories consumed per day. Considering your extraordinary protein content, it turns out a wonderful alternative to integrate into any healthy diet. Nor do we forget the importance of ensuring a correct consumption of proteins, this macronutrient is key to fulfill important functions and among the main ones is the construction and good maintenance of fabrics bodily.

While the meat products are one of the best sources to obtain the essential proteins required by the body, they are usually foods rich in saturated fat and this can lead to various health complications. The good news: gelatin does not contain fat.

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2. Improves the appearance of the skin

When we talk about beauty and skincare, collagen It is one of the most relevant compounds. From the outset it is the most abundant protein in the human body and is directly related to the aspect youthful and healthy on the skin. He aging process accelerates when presented deficiencies in collagen levels, this is related to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. One of the wonders of eat a serving of gelatin daily, is that it is a natural way to stimulate the collagen production and improve the appearance of the skin. According to a study published in 2016 the virtues of collagen were verified, since it improves facial moisture, reduces wrinkles and skin conditions.

3. Great digestive ally

Eat jelly improves the digestion process, this is due to its content in glutamic acid. It is a substance that has the ability to promote a healthy mucous lining, is also related to good qualities to stimulate the gastric juice production. Another genius is that being a so digestible food has the facility of join the water and this benefits the intestinal transit; at the same time it is a good ally for fight inflammation.

4. Relieves joint pain

Another of the great wonders of its exceptional glycogen content is associated with its virtues to protect the joints and above all fight pain related to inflammation. There are clinical references from the National Library of Medicine, which point out the virtues of consuming gelatin to reduce pain and improve joint function especially in the case of people who suffer osteoarthitis.

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5. Balances blood sugar

Gelatin is rich in different types of amino acids, one of them is wisteria which is an important element in el glucose control. It has A study that verifies the benefits of its consumption in the control and prevention of type diabetes. That is why the consumption of gelatin is a great eating habit for people who have diabetes, reduces inflammation and balances the levels of the body. Remember to consume preparations water-based and sugar-free, is the best way to get your benefits.

6. Promotes weight loss

Gelatin is a good ally for stimulate weight loss, this is due to its high protein content and low caloric intake. Protein consumption is associated with a feeling of fullness that helps eliminate anxiety about eating and also the excesses. At the same time is a good collation option, as long as the vhealthy and sugar-free versions.


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