Discover the immense medicinal benefits of eating tangerines

Descubre los inmensos beneficios medicinales de comer mandarinas

The succulent and aromatic tangerines are a nutritional treasure. They are carriers of an incomparable therapeutic power, discover everything that this citrus fruit will do for your health

Tangerines are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that protect the immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems.

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Probably one of the fruits that most announce the arrival of cold weather and autumn They are tangerines, nature is so perfect that it puts within our reach the specific foods and nutrients that the body needs to cope with each season of the year. In the case of tangerines they are the perfect ally to provide the vitamins and antioxidants that the body needs in the last months of the year.

Tangerines are the fruits of a bush belonging to the Rutaceae family, this type of tree is known as mandarin and is from IndoChina and the forests of southern China. In fact, tangerines have been an important National emblem in China and it is believed that its name is due to color of the suits the mandarins wore (rulers of ancient China), who had the privilege of consuming this fruit.

They resemble a common orange, although it is a smaller fruit and with a thinner shell which is easy to peel. The most popular variants are: Clementine, Tangor and Satsuma.

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An unmatched nutritional power:

Tangerines belong to the citrus family which are considered one of the foods of greater medicinal power that exist. Its pulp is formed by numerous vesicles filled with a juice very rich in nutrients, in particular: Vitamin C, beta carotenes, flavonoids and essential oils.

They are also noted for their rich in folic acid, just 100 grams of tangerines provide 40% of daily needs. Its content in folates is a very important element in red and white blood cell production, the synthesis of genetic and key material in the antibody formation.

Tangerines are also rich in vitamin B1, B2 and B6. At the same time they are carriers of a valuable mineral wealth among which stands out potassium, which is an important substance for transmission and generation of nerve impulses and in the muscle activity. In a smaller proportion they also contain calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorous.

One of the greatest qualities of the composition of the tangerine is found in its high fiber content, in particular pectin which is related to big benefits for him digestive and cardiovascular system.

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The medicinal benefits of eating tangerines:

1. They stimulate immunity

Regular consumption of tangerines boosts immunity, that is why they are an important part of the Chinese traditional medicine and are associated with great qualities in the prevention of flu and colds. They are a good antioxidant supplement and stimulate the defenses, that is why the consumption of 4 small tangerines daily.

2. They fight anemia

One of the great qualities of tangerines is due to its high content of vitamin C, which is key to a correct absorption of iron that provide other foods. They intervene positively in the red blood cell productionYes, that is why they are a great ally in the diet of people with anemia and some nutritional deficiency.

3. Strengthen the cardiovascular system

Tangerines produce synephrine a substance that has the peculiarity of slow down the production of cholesterol in the body. At once its richness in potassium works like a great natural diuretic, they also intervene in a positive way its fiber content that eliminates the bad cholesterol “LDL” of blood and a flavonoid called hesperidin that protects the walls from blood vessels. All these factors protect the heart and eliminate the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases.

4. Against blood pressure

Eating tangerines helps regulate high blood pressure, a degenerative condition known as hypertension. This is largely due to its high potassium content which promotes the movement in blood flow through the arteries, also his cleansing effect It is very useful to eliminate the excess sodium in the blood.

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5. They help lose weight

Being an important source of fiber, tangerines benefit digestive function, accelerate intestinal transit and promote waste disposal of the body, are known as a good natural remedy for combat constipation. They also provide important Feeling full which is related to a decreased appetite at the same time reduce fat absorption and toxic substances.

6. Eliminate excess uric acid

Thanks to its high content in water, potassium and citric acid produce a outstanding diuretic effect which is very useful to eliminate high levels of uric acid and its salts. This is an aspect that also alkalinizes urine and inhibits the growth of bacteria causing urinary tract infections.

7. Good ally for the skin

He high antioxidant value of tangerines is one of the best allies to protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays. At once protect skin from free radicals, which are related to signs of aging, wrinkles, blemishes and dull skin.


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