Discover the new dials launched with the Series 7

Hermès cadran

Note: these dials are exclusive to Series 7, and are therefore not available for previous models at this time. It is not known if this will be the case later, but it is likely that Apple will choose to keep this specificity in order to encourage the most impatient to update their equipment. However, an additional screen will arrive with the installation of watchOS 8, Portrait.

World Time

To know the time of several time zones at the same time, similar to the world clock of iOS. Ideal for frequent travelers!

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The dial Continuum looks like a wall clock, with digital numbers inscribed on the edges and two white hands for the hours and minutes. A third, red and thinner, takes care of the seconds. The size of the numbers grows according to the time frame: the closer they are to the current time, the larger they are. Today’s date is also present, in the center of the dial.


For the dial of the Hermès leatherworker (see image on the front page), the visual identity of the company sits right in the middle of the display. With the time in the background in the form of stylized numbers, quite original for the occasion, and hands similar to those of the Continuum dial.

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Good to know: The Apple Watch Series 7 Hermès edition will probably be the most expensive in the collection, but prices in euros have not yet been revealed. The same goes for the bracelets of the Parisian brand.

watchface Modular Max

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Modular Max

With the dial Modular Max, the user can add complications (kinds of customizable widgets) to display additional information: outside temperature, heart rate, activity rings, shortcuts to an app, etc.

Nike Bounce

Only accessible with the Apple Watch Series 7 from the eponymous sports equipment manufacturer, the dial Nike Bounce comes alive when you touch the touch screen or call on the Digital Crown always installed on the right edge of the tocante. An event that is also triggered with a simple movement of the wrist. Good, on the other hand, it will be necessary to support an appearance of traveling advertising billboard: the famous logo Swoosh which made the fame of the brand in Just do it is omnipresent with this dial. Which shouldn’t displease AirPods regulars.

Nike Bounce dial

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