Discover the nutritional value of food according to its color

Discover the nutritional value of food according to its color

Did you know that food is divided into colors? Pigments are not only responsible for their color, they provide their nutritional and therapeutic power

Food colors not only do they fill the food with personality and life, tell us about its nutrients and composition. The truth is that human beings we eat instinctively and naturally when it comes to feeding we get carried away by appearance and colors of food, that is why it is normal that we prefer the products in warm tones As the yellow, orange and red.

Various specialists have verified that a balanced diet should not only be based on traditional food pyramid to achieve a good nutritional balanceit also plays a key role the color of the food we eat. He balance and healthy nutrition come from include in the daily diet foods of each color group, considering versions cooked and raw.

Today foods are classified into five groups according to their color and it is fascinating to know that each one contributes different pigments that are directly related to their contribution in key nutrients and healing benefits for the organism. In fact the nutritional value of food it has everything to do with its colors.

The more varied the food supply that we put on the table will be much better. In other words, plan the menus covering the entire color wheel, is one of the best alternatives for ensure essential nutrients that the body requires to function properly.

The truth is each nutrient provides specific benefits for the human body. Some stand out for their great antioxidant power, others for its mineral and vitamin richness, there are wonderful alternatives that shine for its fiber content and of course others that turn out the best ally of the immune system.

We invite you to know the 5 food groups per colorintegrating them harmoniously into daily meals is the key to being healthy, strong and full of energy.

Food according to its colors:

1. White foods: allicin and quercitin

It is important to start by mentioning that for the simple fact that a food is whiteThis does not mean that lacks nutrients. This group of foods among which stand out specimens of great medicinal power as is the case of garlic, onion, leek or the coHe is a nutrient pump. They provide a long list of phytochemicals as is the case of allicins, anthoxanthines and inulinare substances of great healing power that relate to its benefits to maintain the low blood pressure, they strengthen the immune system and therefore fight diseases and are a great food for gut bacteria. This food group is also related to benefits for improve blood circulation, so they are a great ally of cardiovascular health and they are also purifying, have effects to eliminate the fluid retention. On the other hand, in the case of vegetables such as potatoes, white asparagus, turnips and mushrooms, they contain a ivory colored antioxidant called quercetin which is a powerful ally for cFight Free Radicals and delays the aging of cells.

Onions. / Photo: Pixabay / Pexels

2. Food red color: lycopene

The red food group is probably one of the most attractive, its vibrant color fills us with life and activates the appetite. One of the great nutritional benefits of these foods lies in their high lycopene contentantioxidant substances that are related to great benefits for cardiovascular health and circulation. At the same time they are foods with a great contribution in vitamin C, magnesium and phytochemicals, are also related to positive effects for the cognitive functioning in particular for improve memory. Best of all, there is a wide range of options including fruits and vegetables from great relevance in the daily diet, as is the case of the apples, strawberries, pomegranate, currant, raspberries, watermelon, papaya, grapes and basic vegetables like tomato, peppers and chili peppers.

Discover the nutritional value of food according to its color
Tomatoes. / Photo: Pexels

3. Purple foods: anthocyanin

One of the great qualities of purple and blue food is due to his exceptional contribution in anthocyanin, It’s about a powerful antioxidant It is not only responsible for its peculiar color. This pigment is known as a substance of great power medicinel as it relates to large anti-cancer properties, antiviral which help fight colds, infections and allergies and have a highly beneficial effect on eye health. They are also characterized by being the fountain of eternal youth, since its consumption is related to virtues for improve the health of skin, hair and they are also a great ally to delay the effects of aging. They are found in foods like blueberries, grapes, blackberries, plums, beets, açai, aubergines, some types of cabbage, beets, potatoes and purple onions.

Blueberries. / Photo: BBC

4. Yellow and orange foods: carotenes

Without a doubt the yellow and orange food about come out in a special way for their exceptional vitamin A and C contentIn fact, they are inexhaustible sources of these vitamins that are a essential element in health. Its antioxidant power is immense and is related to great benefits for boost the immune system, prevent diseases and infections and are essential for it to take place collagen synthesis and iron absorption correctly. On the other hand they stand out for their high beta-carotene content that have the peculiarity of protecting the skin, the joints and the bone system. This food group is highlighted by most of the citric fruits like the oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and lime, also found in fruits of great nutritional power how mango, pineapple, papaya, peach. And in other categories like carrots, the powerful turmeric root, pumpkin, potatoes, corn and in some cereals like oats and rye.

vitamin C
Oranges / Photo: BBC

5. Food green color: chlorophyll and fiber

Any green vegetable is synonymous with health. The variants in these shades, regardless of their intensity, are characterized by their contribution in chlorophyll, antioxidants, fiber and a peculiar wealth in minerals and vitamins. They are highly valued for their cleansing benefits and in particular for their contribution to iron, magnesium and folic acid. Its consumption is related to qualities for eliminate toxins, fluid retention, cleanse the liver and thanks to his high fiber content are associated with great digestive benefits, especially when it comes to combat constipation.

They stand out for their contribution in lutein and xeaxanthin, substances that are related to a protective effect against a long list of conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes problems and ophthalmological conditions. Green foods are found in abundant way in nature, as is the case of Kiwi, green grapes, avocadospinach chardartichokes green peas, broccoli, lettucekale aloe veraparsley pistachioscoriander alfalfa, lemons, green asparagus and a long list.

Discover the nutritional value of food according to its color
Spinach./Photo: Pxhere


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