Discover the symptoms of delusions of passion or erotomania

Delusions or chronic delusions are considered, according to the Psychiatry portal, as chronic delusional psychoses. Passionate delusion, or erotomania, falls within this definition due to certain characteristics that affect, especially and as it is thought, women. Here we will talk a little more about it.

What is passionate delusion

The erotomania, also known as Clérambault syndrome, owes its name to the French psychiatrist who described the symptoms of erotomania. In addition, he included it among what he himself called passionate psychoses or also passionate delusions.

For Clerambault, erotomania It could be due to a brain damage of toxic origin which he called mental automatism. The specialists, in general lines, usually include erotomania within the chronic delusions of systematic evolution, including it together with cellopathy.


Ertomanic delusion generates the idea that someone with a higher social and economic status falls in love with the delusional subject. This subject will try by all means to contact that person who thinks he is in love with her.

His attitude becomes persecutory and even harassing, because he tries to contact that person who is the object of his delirium through letters, phone calls, visits, reaching the point of stalking the person and monitoring them accordingly.

Discover the symptoms of delusions of passion or erotomania
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Although it is considered that women are the main affected by this type of delirium, men also tend to suffer from it. In general terms, the development of this type of delusions, according to the specialist Henry Ey, is coherent and systematic, lacks a demented evolution, whose structure is affective.

For this author, according to the evidence, delirium loses strength or activity, that is, it loses its effect and the person who suffers from it can regain normalcy. By being consistent and systematic, the psychoanalysis help explain its origins.

Since this condition can greatly affect the relationships that the affected person maintains, it is important to give them special monitoring and undergo psychological treatment to avoid any major inconvenience.


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